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Discussion in 'Other K-9 Shows and Events' started by Panama, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    @LifeofRubie I'm going the weekend of 24th - 25th with my friend and her dog. She was told there would be people to release for her, but she would need to catch. I wanted to go anyway, so I'll be releasing. If your CAT is after Aug 25th, I'll check back in here to tell you what I learned.
    Yeah, I don't think it has to be a certain speed, but you have to have 3 runs to average a MPH and get put on the Doberman list, and you have to have 150 points to get a title. I think the 150 points comes from MPH - if you run 25 mph it would take 6 runs to get 150 points. That's how I understood it, but I'm happy to be corrected if I didn't figure the rules quite right. I'm hoping there's a photographer there for you, I want to see pictures!!!

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  2. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    We're hopefully going October 5th so very excited to hear about your experience!

    That makes sense about the 3 run average. And I think understood the points thing correctly so thank you for confirming! I hope there's a photog tooooooooo!!!!!!!
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  3. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    If you're going to do 2 run a day, there has to be at least 1 hr between runs.

    If they have an entry limit, I would mail in the entry as soon as they say entries are open.

    Joker is going in Sept. I can't wait! He loves it!
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  4. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    Welp, Mailed it as soon as I could and it was already full! We're on a waitlist but I'm not optimistic. Might be waiting until next year to try and get into a trial!
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  5. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    Mobile, AL
    9 Fast CATS & 9 Coursing Ability Trials, Sept 4-8, 2019

    For more information EMAIL Denise Eberhard or Dan Elkes at:
    LURECOURSINGSPECIALISTS@Gmail.com or phone (251) 459-4970.
  6. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    I'll get to watch a bunch this weekend at Albuquerque - leaving tomorrow! I'll check back in here to share what I learned as a first-time attendee. No dog of my own (yet) but will help with my friends dog. And prolly get a good gander at how it all works. Can't be anything but fun, right?!
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  7. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    OK guys, this is the most fun I've had in ages! If your dog has any prey drive at all, you will have a blast. My housemates Dutchie's fastest run was 27.38 mph! There were over 30 dogs there, 3 were Dobermans. Every breed under the sun, of course the Whippets were fastest, and Borzoi of course...

    Not sure if these links will work, they are the photographers watermarked pictures.

    Lobo Lure Coursing Club - AKC Fast CAT (one picture of Reckless)
    Lobo Lure Coursing Club - AKC Fast CAT (All photos)

    Here's what results look like after the first run Sat. a.m. @Panama do you know how to find these on line? There are no event results on AKC, just top times for breeds...

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  8. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    Amazing isn't it?!!!!! To the best of my knowledge, they don't post individual event results.
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  9. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    I couldn't find it anywhere, and I looked for the club website and couldn't find overall results on events there either.
  10. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    I think this one is going to love FastCat also!

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  11. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    There were 3 Dalmatians there on Sunday, but I think only one ran. There was a fun run for puppies and/or newbies between a.m. and p.m. runs and the other two might have done that. Every breed has fun doing this as long as they want to chase something!

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