1. D

    Vitamin c for ears

    Hey all I’m going to start giving my puppy Ester - C vitamin c. He is 5.5 months old and the vitamin c is 1000mg per tablet. Should I start off giving him 500mg per day? Or 1000mg per day? And if 1000mg per day should I give it to him all at once or 500 in the morning and 500 at night? Thank you...
  2. S

    Posting Pockets

    Hello all This might not be the right place to post this as I am new here. I have an almost 6 month old Euro Puppy. I got his ears done at 11 weeks, and the vet did an amazing job with the surgery. However, I feel like their posting method was not as good. They had us post with the tape only...
  3. K

    Breeders in the US - Near AZ

    Hi I’m looking for a breeder in Arizona or a breeder near az or one that can transport. Specifically looking for a male puppy as I currently have a female. I’m looking for a dog for a companion family dog. Mostly will be doing obedience at home. Also would like to have a dog that is a good...
  4. P

    Looking for European Doberman Breeders

    Does anyone know of any reliable European Doberman breeders in the US or Europe? I’m not opposed to having the puppy shipped to me but I’m having a terrible time finding breeders. Most of them haven’t been active since the early 2000s to 2010s. Thanks for any recommendations!
  5. Doberman1994

    When should I know which one I will be getting.

    hello we get our litte girl next Thursday the day after her ear crop surgery. But the breeder has said she picks which dog goes to which home ect. Which is fine with me cause I live a long distance away and wouldn't be able to go pick one out. But my question is when should I know which one...
  6. Doberman1994

    Any tips on crate training

    we get our doberman puppy in two weeks. With our last doberman girl we never crate trained but do plan on doing it this time. I got a huge crate that will work for when she's an adult. But will be using the divider for now.iv never crate trained before so im seeing people cut the divider so...
  7. P

    Raising Littermates - Looking for Advice

    It has been over 20 years since I had a doberman and now I have 2 dobie puppies, littermates. It didn't start out that way. I originally was only going to get 1, placed my deposit for a male and visited them every week. On my 3rd visit, on of the males picked me and it was decided he would join...
  8. M

    PLEASE HELP- 2 Male Littermates

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum and I’ve recently been exposed to a wealth of information, so thank you all for that. My brother recently got 2 male Doberman littermates, and needless to say, we were unaware of the red flags there. The boys are now 13 weeks old and we haven’t had any...
  9. G

    My dobbie’s ear is weird. Help!!!

    My dobbie, Noya, is 4 months old and on his second month of having his ears cropped. The ears can now stand 4 days without collapsing although tips somestimes curls (which i correct everytime). It going good and everything but there is one slight problem. His right ear(left in the pictures)...
  10. P


    Hi, I have a five month old European doberman that I got when he was 3 months old. In these past few weeks he has developed a really bad biting problem where he snarls, growls, barks and bites people in the house, especially my sister. Me ( the dogs owner ) and my sister are the main targets for...
  11. MelonJ

    So We Need A Trainer...

    Hey guys, Just need to vent... Crate training is still not going well. At this point I WISH we only had to deal with whining in the crate. DeSoto’s whining has turned into full out screaming, barking, howling, and scratching and digging at the crate when he’s put in there during the day. We...
  12. N

    Difficulty determining coat colour.

    Has anyone had newborn puppies and had one littermate look slightly lighter coloured, yet not been able to determine if it's genuinely a red or just your eyes tricking you over and over? I imagine I'll be able to tell as they get older, as they're only 3 days old but just wondering if anyone...
  13. HakuTheDoberman

    Toys toys toys!

    hey guys I’m looking for some toy recommendations!:) I’m looking into getting a Kong wobbler and a jolly ball. He currently has a flirt pole, ball, frisbee, tug toy, regular Kong, and some plush toys. What’s your dogs favourite toy? And even some edible chew toys. Our boy is 5 months old if...
  14. MelonJ


    Hi all. Been around but silent for the past few months. Plans for a pup kept falling through, and it's almost like being rejected for an adoption of a child. Almost. (As an adoptive parent, I would know, lol.) But after 2 unsuccessful tries last year, and over 3 years actively trying, and over a...
  15. HakuTheDoberman


    hey guys so now that my guy is becoming more active and hyper I’ve been struggling with his behaviour. I know he’s a puppy and nipping And teething is normal but I’m getting rather annoying because it’s just me not my boyfriend I know I’m gonna get things like he Dosent think I’m the alpha etc...
  16. HakuTheDoberman

    Attention/crate training

    Hi guys, I feel like I make a lot of forums asking a bunch of stuff and I’m sorry aha! Just wanna make sure I’m doing the right things since it’s my first time raising a puppy. I had a couple questions and opinions regarding my puppy. So we got him March 5th and between me and my spouse we...
  17. Ramos.cindy

    Opinion on bridges on posts ?

    I have been posting for 3 weeks already due to some previous issues king came across so we had do delay posting, I stopped making a bridge in the middle of his posts idk if i should start doing it again or if the posts look fine w/o it ?
  18. Ramos.cindy

    advice on raw feeding ?

    want to stay feeding my boys raw food is there any advice any one can give me or would you stick to feeding kibble? please give me any advice or options on the matter. I'm looking into raw feeding bc of the benefit it has for my boys. please tell me how you would go on with the process
  19. Ramos.cindy

    postings pop out?

    kings posts pop out at the bottom all the time. should i just pop it back in or try a different method?
  20. Ramos.cindy

    Safe for them to play?

    I have more than 2 pups ( different breeds) Kings post is up and the bridge is close to the head due to blue. is it safe to let them play ? king no longer has stitches just his posts and they haven't been able to play together for a while due to the crop and then king getting parvo i think they...