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Breeders in the US - Near AZ


Hi I’m looking for a breeder in Arizona or a breeder near az or one that can transport. Specifically looking for a male puppy as I currently have a female.
I’m looking for a dog for a companion family dog. Mostly will be doing obedience at home. Also would like to have a dog that is a good deterrent as my neighborhood is not the most safe but it isn’t bad either just sometimes feel unsafe especially on walks or alerts me if someone is at the door or around the house. Obviously serious training and socializing so there isn’t an accidental bite. My current dog is way overly friendly. She does alert me but not aloof to strangers at all. So I think a Doberman would be a perfect fit to what I’m looking for and perfect for my active lifestyle. Probably won’t be getting a puppy right away as my current dog who is a shepherd mix is still in her puppy age. So once she matures (2 years from now) I’ll be ready. Just starting to do some research on breeders for now. Health is the most important to me.


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Welcome to Doberman Chat! You might start at DPCA website, or UDC (leans toward more working bred Dobes) website for reputable breeders in your region.


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Good for you to do your research ahead of time since many reputable Doberman breeders can have a pretty long waiting list. I wouldn't necessarily limit your search to local areas since it would expand your choices a lot when you can look up breeders all over the country.
Our pup came from southern Michigan and she has an excellent transport guy who delivered her right to our door in northern Minnesota.

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I wouldn’t restrict your search to breeders close to AZ, finding a Doberman with genetics is the most important thing. Unfortunately most dobermans breed These days will run and hide So do your research, talk to some breeders about there dogs and there temperaments. I would stay away from showline breeders and talk with breeders that actually compete with there dogs in some form of protection sports.