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Backyard Breeder vs Reputable Breeder

Discussion in 'Doberman Breeders' started by FredC, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Ataro

    Ataro Notable member

    I can tell you don't like me, but that's okay. I was actually referring to the fact that you have chosen to ignore everything else I posted and instead twist my words to fit your own fantasies of cruelty and bad ownership, when that couldn't be further from the truth. And you still continue to do this, despite having been presented with the facts. I have stated my opinion very clearly, and if you had read it you would not be going on about diseases being all fatal or whatever. I'm not judging you for what you choose to do with your dog or how much you choose to spend - that is your business, and not mine - you might do well to do the same.

    One thing that I don't appreciate is when people start trying to talk for me, ignoring what I have said and then act smug and tell me not to post if I don't like to be judged. If you're not reading and taking in what I am saying anyway, then there's really nothing I can do to change your opinion or impression. And to be honest, seeing as you are some random person over the internet who has had up until now zilch to do with me, I don't see why I should even care. Paint me in as negative a light as you like, if that makes you feel good, but an ill-informed opinion holds very little weight in the scheme of things.

    And as for the puppy, wow, you really are bitter... First of all, I have already found a puppy, twice actually, from a good breeder. I find comments like "if I were a breeder I would cross you off the list" etc. to be completely irrelevant to the discussion, not at all constructive and just intended to insult. Maybe it is actually a good thing that you aren't a breeder, because you seem to easily let your emotions get the best of you and cloud your judgement.
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  2. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    People come from different perspectives and it is more eveident when poeple are from different parts of the world. Values and opinions are just different. Does notmean one is right and one is wrong. I did not read that Ataro was ready to throw out any dog for a minor illness.

    I know Paint has more heart and because of rescuing and has a very special soft spot in her heart for all dogs. I think we just misunderstood what was being said.

    Having said that I think too many are focused on the negative and just slamming everyone while having some very unrealistic expectations. First what does health testing really guarantee???

    We can guarantee two things right now VWD status and PDK4 status because we have DNA test for those things. Those two things do not guarantee a healthy dog or an unhealthy dog.

    So as a breeder it is like being dumped in a big maze with hundreds of twist and turns with most being dead ends. But to be true to our passion we persist and carry on inspite of all the crap thrown at us on a daily basis. We try to take it, assemble it, respond to it and continue to struggle to produce the dog call the Doberman.

    If we did not have a registry where do you think Dobermans would be today??? If we did not have a breed standard what do you think Dobermans would look like??? How would it work with purebred dogs if everyone just bred what they liked???

    I will tell you we have come a long way from Herr Dobermann's dogs and I feel most of it is for the best. I would not be interested in his dog which was butt ugly and quite the scrapper. So both looks and temperament had to be changed for the dog to emerge, become popular and that fit society as it changed. Once we hit that mark then it is just the continual struggle to breed the perfect dog or a dog tha most closely fits the standard.

    I do feel in some areas we have gone too far and some things have suffered but we also have the opportuntiy to stop and work to bring it back. But I think all would agree that changes needed to be made from the original dog if it was to survive and

    Then you have someone who feels pets are genetic failures and all I can say to that is you need to look at brothers and sisters - aunts uncles etc and see the genetic diversity and not all are perfect but they all have value and if you are not breeding for the perfect dog then those "pet puppies" make it possible for you to have a Doberman. To the inexperience untrained eye 95% of you would not even recognize any big difference as there are so many facets that separate the pet puppy from the show puppy (speaking of well bred dogs not poorly bred examples of the breed) and none are related to major defective faults except the z factor and albinos.

    I think we can clearly see that people have evolved to the point of stupidity. They have been raised in cities, with a text book understanding of how life works and have made some very poor judgements based on their total lack of understanding of real life which does not grow in a test tube. If you believe you have all the answers to breed a perfect dog then I suggest you go do it and please report back here, we will on be on pins and needles awaiting your results.
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  3. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Thats not entirely the premise this forum was built on.. The players in this thread (and another that recently popped up) really need to bring it down a notch b4 action is taken. This forum has a fantastic ignore feature i suggest a few people in this thread use it b4 its to late. Doberman Chat is the friendly Doberman Community and i intend to keep it that way. There is already a very popular doberman forum dedicated to member bashing and a multitude of other aggressive tendencies.. Its our goal to be different and always has been.. Love me or hate me it is my job and i take it seriously..
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  4. DocReverto

    DocReverto Formerly CRD

    Disappointed in this thread...
    Don't worry though , I still love you all.
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  5. Alexispaulg

    Alexispaulg New Member

    I agree what you said after all if i were to breed my dogs all their shots are going to run $200 at least ears $600 at my vet, feeding them $100 ish till they are old enough to go to home. so really for $1000 pup i wouldnt even make anything. oh and i forgot to add the tests for everything haha so id be in the hole
  6. Odinsmom

    Odinsmom New Member

    This reminds me of a time last year when my close friend was looking for a cattle dog. She is an avid trail rider and cattle dogs are very popular around here. We looked at a few nice litters and she placed a deposit on a lovely female puppy from a reputable and notable local working line breeder. (AKC reg and participation in agility, plus health cert and great temps). I don't know what bug crawled up her behind, she thought it would be a good idea to look at a BYB for comparison. I like to rescue, so it has been a matter of keeping a sharp eye out for the breed and making sure that the temperament is going to fit with our family. Anyways... I came along and OMG I can tell you that I wanted to knock the "breeder" out and take all of her dogs with me.

    First off... her sire was obviously not purebred, although she advertised the pups as being so. I suspected a heeler crossed with lab or pit bull by the way his head was shaped. He was in a makeshift kennel on the side of the building and spent the entire two minutes we stood looking at him lunging, growling and barking his head off. The BYB offered to let him loose... we declined :)

    The bitch and the pups were housed in a small dirt floor kennel on the other side of the building. She had the bottom portion of a plastic dog house and a ratty old pillow as a bed. The pups were about 4 weeks old and were crawling around in the dirt and were completely filthy. God only knows what is in that dirt, as the lady proudly told us that she had last winter built two horse stalls out of field fencing in that very location.

    We obliged and talked with the breeder for a good 30 minutes. She was loose with telling her life story and how she breeds this pair a "few times a year" in order to help support her horses (she had 13 at that time). She was also breeding her 4 mares...

    It was a very educational experience and I have since seen three litters out of that very same pair on ebay classifieds! Although the lure of a less expensive dog will drive people to buy from a BYB, the consequences of purchasing a pup with an aggressive sire, living in unsanitary conditions and having god knows what health issues... is most certainly not worth whatever you save in a purchase price. Ultimately, my friend kept her hold on the female puppy and they have had many happy trail rides this summer.

    As far as Doberman pups are concerned... a BYbred pup will run you between $500 - $900 here in the Willamette Valley.
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  7. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    Please don't forget the cost of ear crops as that is a major factor with each puppy. BYB put all that money into their pocket insteady of decent ear crops. I have seen numberos With the things we are facing today we must present this breed per the standard and that is c/d so breeders need to do their WHOLE job not just the breeding part but also all other stuff that makes up the complete package.
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  8. Doberman Gang

    Doberman Gang Hot Topics Subscriber

    B54EC7B1-0167-4727-84F2-F679F34A6820.jpeg Lmao
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