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Infected ear? Candida? Mites?

That was my thought! If they can’t whip something up or “replicate” it to get pure colloidal silver, vitamin e oil and mix it together with neosporin and make my own mixture 😂 at this point I’ll try anything! We still have Manuka honey too, I still add it along with her food, however it’s sooo sticky and just gets absolutely everywhere and with gauze we did try that it seems to stick to it way to much and pulling off the scabs that have healed over it but it did definitely in my opinion stop the infection from spreading. I love that stuff. We use that religiously on us as well. Cuts, burns anything really 😂 and it was the first thing I put on once I noticed it when it was still just a small wound. And were over in Kaiserslautern stationed at kaput( vogelweh) and super close to Ramstein which is probably more know 😅 so actually really close to where you were at! Like maybe an hour car ride?! I know it’s an hour to Frankfurt from here
Kapun * not kaputt..stupid auto correct
You may be able to mix the colloidal silver and the neosporin to create your own hydrogel in order to keep that gauze pad moist and NOT sticking to the wound when you take tape off to repost.

I would think, in essence, you are adding the healing properties of tiny particles of silver to the antibiotic gel.
So I also found what I was taking about more up in the thread, it’s for horses but it seems to also have silver and is a cream, I went ahead and got it because I don’t know ingredients and google isn’t helping ..as per usually so I’ll update that later when it arrives. But it seems to be somewhat maybe like silvasorb maaaaybe..


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Yes, I looked at it and it looks legit. Glad you were able to find something.

Looking more at this picture, the wound does not look too bad but it looks like you may need to apply some type of scar healing cream once it all heals up.
Yes, I looked at it and it looks legit. Glad you were able to find something.

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Looking more at this picture, the wound does not look too bad but it looks like you may need to apply some type of scar healing cream once it all heals up.
Yeah luckily it’s not “bad” anymore. Like I said neosporin was the only thing so far that started healing it up! I’ll keep everyone updated on next steps and progress! 😅 as for scar healing I have already thought about it since she already has one from the original wound that luckily healed up with honey alone. But I’m waiting until all is healed until I start to ride that bull 😅 but my thought was what I did for my surgical scar, I believe it’s called dermablading, it’s a roller that makes tiny tiny micro incisions into scar tissue and then cover that with Manuka honey and repeat until scar is faded. I hope that will help with hair regrow the as well but like I said I’ll start looking into that when all is healed and ears are hopefully hopefully up and start a new thread for scars alone just to help anyone who ever has the pain of going through stuff like this!
thank you again! And updates will continue for everyone’s sake and mine if I stumble into more issues! 😅
How’s it going over there in K-town??

Sit-rep bitte….
I got the silver today and applied it this morning along with a hydrogel for wounds from the pharmacy for pets, so we will see how that is working soon! I’ve posted ears the last two days sort of like you said/ described with making a wrap type thing to cover the wound but used hydro gel and neosporin. It works really well , for about a day and then she shakes/ scratches it out 🙃 come don’t work and the little pillow cone inflatable we been using with ear posts also doesn’t. I don’t know what it is but the bottom always comes out. I know usually it’s because it’s not down deep enough but I swear there is no way I can get it down any deeper 😅 she did this in the beginning too, which is why I even switched to German tape, and I think it’s just the tape. We ordered zonas and Kendall and now are using sports tape because the bx only has that, exchange brand, or 3m paper tape which forget it, it holds 4seconds and then is gone. So I’ve just been doing posts 2-3 times a day basically 😅 however the wound is still healing and I have high high hopes in the silver. I attached a photo just now as her ears are out to dry to repost


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That's looking good. Depending on how long you are in Germany, maybe it's a good idea to buy some additional supplies ahead of time. Do you have an emergency kit for your dog? It may seem like overkill, but hey, it's not a dog, it's a Doberman!
Your pup is only 5months old and most likely you are pushing down as far as it can go- but the newness of having something stuck in his ears may just be aggravating to him.
Ragnar hated the posts and had to be distracted until he got use to them. I had a hell of a time posting Ragnar, but then again he was my first. He would always shake or figure a way to get them out. Freyja did not care one bit and went on her way with no worries.

Things to consider:
1. You are not pushing all the way down into the bell. I was prob harsh about this but I twisted and push down until they squirmed or whimpered. Then as it went on, I knew the size and how far the rod should be.
2. After you put in the post, take him for a walk and/or engage him in activity to take his mind off the post
3. I had to back tape the backerod all the way down only leaving about 1/4” of backerod foam exposed. This was the thing that really made a big difference. Leave the 1/4” bottom exposed- soft backerod on very bottom of ear.
4. I used 3 types of athletic tape and they were horrible. I order a case of Zonas from Amazon and Zonas tape made a hell of a difference!! So much easier to use and held on better/longer. I would use duct tape to stiffen/support the backerod but use the Zonas to back tape and tape around the ear.
Thank y’all so much! Yeah I had/ have one with Manuka honey, gauze, a felt million tampons and backer rod and “popsicle” sticks and now sports tape 😅 we have silver spray and like new skin spray for pets and wound cleaner, pills for stomach cramps/ throwing up from my old vet just in case, sorta like a doggy Anti acid 😅 and diarrhea pills (which is just black charcoal stuff and I suuuoper recommend that tbh, I’ll include a picture tomorrow just because man that’s really useful…) but we are so upgrading that now with a box of zonas and the Silvasorb and colloidal silver, neosporin and the things that are hard to come by here 😅

for the posting yeah I think it’s just because she gets really irritated with them in and hasn’t been posted enough, my older dobie maze did not care when she was posted. It was so easy..my mom used to breed briards, so I was already familiar with posting and all but maze was really easy. We also had good tape…and she would not mess with them, roll in dirt or anything..her ears also stood perfectly after only 2 months posting so I really had lucked out with her. Now I just get all the fun experiences with our new puppy to learn from 😅 infections, sores, ripping out posts.. but at least now it’s healing and over and done with and next thing will just be hopefully they’ll still stand and scar tissue healing. So we will see 🙃 hopefully she’ll get used to the posts quickly and stop messing with them 😭 I love her but I don’t wanna keep doing this multiple times a day and being woken up at night cause she ripped one out by jamming them between her kennel rods and twisting 🙃 and then continues to whine until I wake up and redo them :) let me tell you this is whole experience is so much fun 😂
I am very very grateful for everyone on here helping me out though! I am so so glad I found this forum! ❤️
I love her but I don’t wanna keep doing this multiple times a day and being woken up at night cause she ripped one out by jamming them between her kennel rods and twisting 🙃 and then continues to whine until I wake up and redo them :) let me tell you this is whole experience is so much fun 😂
:spit: Just SO much fun right :rofl:
Alright, here’s an update! 😅 sooo, posts stayed in for an actual day and Did not come out but I took them out just now to clean/ out new patch for wound on, aaaand let me say the silver stuff is amazing! I don’t know if it’s because I’m mixing like 3 things together or what but it’s healing! I added a picture below and also one of the “diarrhea pills” cause I forgot 😅


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Great. That looks fantastic.
I would start putting scar cream on that asap.

I have always heard good things about Mederma.
I’m adding vitamin e oil which is supposed to help with scar tissue as well but I’ll check it out in the bx tomorrow see if I can find that!!! Thank you ❤️
Update: so we finally found what caused it!!! After we stopped antibiotics literally a day after she got a new spot on her Head, same as it started on the ear, puss and all basically instantly. I first thought it was a insect bite because it just appeared from one second to the next! So we went to a different vet because ours is on vacation, took all the test paperwork from the old one as well. It seems like she had an allergic reaction to food mites!!! (I’m translating here so it might be called smth else. But it’s a Type of mite that lives in dry food some times.) they missed it in the tests so when she said mites I was like like no because that was tested. However..she doesn’t have mites..like ear mites would live there. She simply „contact“ reacted and the Antibiotics helped with the resulting infection and surpressed the reaction until the day we stopped. 😌 so we quick swapped her food( a 2day change) and luckily we feed mix of dry and wet so she still gets the old wet food mixed in until we Switch over to the new Brand all together because I don’t hold much on feeding 2 brands. However! We got one pill from vet and it’s good change it’s healing and no new spots are appearing! 😌 so, the More you know.. and answer to this whole thing was..mites. But food mites..😅
It’s looking good! It’s still not healed but it’s pretty much just new skin now, still pink though! I got some scar cream and still doing spray and vitamin e, but I think it’ll be a scar :(
So, a little update on the whole situation: we are now past all the stuff, hair is growing back nicely and taping has been working great! However! One of her ears (the one that until last posting had Creme and gauze under tape) has been Harding all messy! 😭 I’m thinking since that ear has been down for a while and hardened at the flap it’s super hard to get straight again! I will continue to post in hopes it will harden out straight and fix the flop but we will see! However everything else is perfect. It’s 100% healed and no scaring anymore/ is getting covered in hair and we ditched the gauze and pad etc and are now just putting Creme and oil on for the time inbetween posts as it absorbs nicely and doesn’t mess with my tape too much thanks to my amazing tape find 😂❤️