1. Yubexine

    Seeking a breeder

    Hi, everyone! I apologize if this is maybe out of place or frowned upon.... I'm basically brand new to this forum and the Doberman world in general 😅... Ive been doing a ton of research about what it takes to own a Doberman, as I've been in love with the breed my entire life (my aunt and uncle...
  2. М

    Infected ear? Candida? Mites?

    Hello, So I was wondering if any of you have experienced this or something similar and what you did/ have any recommendations on what worked and maybe more on natural side less chemicals. To the story: my girl is now 5 months old and about a week ago we noticed her scratching her posts at the...
  3. doberdemon

    Need help with posting method for 1 y/o!

    So long story short I’ve been terrible about posting, haven’t tried in something like 8mos and now my boy is 13mos. One ear stands and one flops. That one has been flopping for the whole 8mos, though his cartilage is still insanely soft and he can make that ear stand if it’s perked up. I stopped...
  4. J

    Ear Posting Trouble (Newbie)

    Hey all, so I hate to be that guy beating a dead horse as i'm sure these questions have been asked 100 times. But I recently got my first Doberman "Senna" (European/American Mix, 15 Weeks old now) This is my first time dealing with cropped ears and the whole posting thing. Her crop (I was told...
  5. Doberman1994

    Questions about ear cropping post care

    we are getting our beautiful girl on Oct 1. This will be one day after getting tail docked and ear cropped. She will be two days short of 8 weeks. The reason for a late tail dock is because we are from Canada where no vets will perform the ear crop or tail docking so the breeder does take the...
  6. Carternm31

    New Dobie anxiety - HELP

    Hi folks, sorry it's been a while. Everyone is doing well though, Roxy is still going strong! We recently adopted an 11 month old Dobie. He is a great dog, good with people and dogs. A knob on leash walking (but what teenage Dobemann isn't! lol) But my main problem is getting him to chill out...
  7. L

    Doberman Puppie Ear Crop

    Hello everyone i just got my doberman puppies ears cropped yesterday 3-9-20 i picked him up from the vet today 3-10-20 when i picked him up i noticed that the vet had already posted his ears i dont know if this is safe to do i need help!
  8. F

    Is the Doberman moving towards extinction?

    Hi guys, From the research I've done it looks like the doberman breed is severely inbred, as breeders are churning out puppies for aesthetics and neglecting longevity and health. As so, it looks as if the gene pool is rapidly shrinking (at least in Europe) with only a handful of kennels...
  9. A

    Help an early riser to stay asleep

    I am looking for any advice with a new issue we are experiencing with our one year old female dobie. Suddenly after 6 months of great sleep schedules, she is awaking between 5-6am to eat and go outside. Nothing has changed in our schedule and she awakes from a what seems like a dead sleep...
  10. Lisak444

    Help deciding on new dobie/ runt or not

    I need some help picking my new little girl. I am getting a fawn female and I get to choose between two. They are both healthy and absolutely beautiful. One is the runt and one is regular size. According to the breeder the runt is a little spit fire. I am learning towards the runt but don't...
  11. K


    Hi, I have a five month old European doberman that I got when he was 3 months old. In these past few weeks he has developed a really bad biting problem where he snarls, growls, barks and bites people in the house, especially my sister. Me ( the dogs owner ) and my sister are the main targets for...
  12. Haileyeliza

    What could this be?!

    I noticed what looked like a swollen scab? on my dobermans muzzle that appeared out of nowhere yesterday. I didn’t think much of it at first cause Zoe is pretty clumsy, I thought she might have just scratched herself on something. Today it looks more of a moist/oozing wound? Like it’s getting...
  13. MelonJ

    Sigh...Crate training is not getting better.

    Hey all, so we’re 2 weeks in to doberpup ownership and things have been going so well (after the initial ear freakouts) except in ONE area. Although I am definitely not new to crate training, it seems like we’re failing at this part big time! Ive had three (shepherd mixes and a dobie-lab x) pups...
  14. L7weenie

    Please help!! - Constantly itchy

    My puppy is non stop itching, he is on a prescription diet right now so I can't put anything in his food or give him anything at the moment. Is there something I can put on him to give him some kind of relief? I feel so bad for him! He is a fawn as well.
  15. NJS1993

    Is This A Doberman Puppy?

    Hello everyone, I just adopted a puppy from foster care. They do not have much info on the puppy, other than what the vet said. The vet the foster care uses said she looks like a Rottweiler/Lab mix. So we went with that. Skip to a week later, our vet personally has a Doberman, and has had...
  16. mdavis23

    Getting Publicly Shamed for Ear Cropping :/

    Hi guys. I went to PetSmart yesterday to pick up some items for my baby who I have not even picked up yet. As soon as I walked through the doors, an employee approaches us and greets my sisters German Shepherd puppy and we have a little conversation. After a while, I try to excuse myself from...
  17. S

    How to get my Doberman to listen to me?

    Hello, Our Maya is 11 months old and even with continuous training I cannot get her to listen to me. She listens to my partner however she runs circles around me. For example, she’ll be calm and obedient around him however as soon as he leaves the room she becomes very naughty. Such as knocking...
  18. Dennis’s Dad


    Hi! This is my first post of the forum. I have had my red male for 1 week and he is 9 weeks old apparently today. He only weighs 5.4kg (11.5lbs) and was only 5kg when he arrived at 8 weeks. Do you think the breeder lied about the pups age? I met his dad and he was huge.
  19. A

    At my wit’s end! HELP!!

    Hello! Not only am I new here but my first post is asking for help. We acquired a Doberman puppy. The situation was weird but it wasn’t a typical buy from a trusted breeder. And this isn’t our first dobie. We had one that we unexpectedly lost at the beginning of the year to seizures and brain...
  20. L

    6 week old puppies - mother hit by car and died

    I am supposed to be getting a doberman puppy in about 2 weeks. The mother got hit by a car and died when the puppies were 5 weeks and 5 days old. I was just wondering if there is any reason to not want the puppy anymore since they no longer have a mother. I know mothers and litter mates help the...