1. М

    Infected ear? Candida? Mites?

    Hello, So I was wondering if any of you have experienced this or something similar and what you did/ have any recommendations on what worked and maybe more on natural side less chemicals. To the story: my girl is now 5 months old and about a week ago we noticed her scratching her posts at the...
  2. thylacinu

    Puppy ears! Half-posting/Avoiding infection?

    Hey y'all! I'm notoriously verbose, so I'll open with the summary before going into too much detail: My baby Salamander is 11 weeks old. He doesn't have an ear infection right now, but they're definitely getting irritated. I started half-posting so I can keep them clean until the issue...
  3. K


    I was in the process of cleaning my puppies ear when I spotted something that looked (at first) like it was just a piece of skin but then I looked closer and it appeared to maybe have some sort of liquid inside. It is hard but squishy and it’s not able to pop, any idea what it could be?
  4. MyBuddy

    Man loses hands and feet after dog-related infection

    Man loses hands and feet after dog-related infection - CNN (CNN)By the time Greg Manteufel, 48, reached the hospital in late June, "my face was all red and blue, and it started going down the rest of my body," he said. "My arms, my chest, everything was changing colors," said Manteufel, of...
  5. ScarTheRedDobe

    Ear Cropping issue - vet visit worthy?

    First time ear cropping caretaker... 10 wk old, cropped on June 2nd (3 weeks) had her for 6 days now. New posting on saturday night and again Tuesday(yesterday). 1 ear tip not healing like the other, left the tip untaped when posting yesterday. Does it look like a vet needs to treat it or does...