ear crop infection

  1. М

    Infected ear? Candida? Mites?

    Hello, So I was wondering if any of you have experienced this or something similar and what you did/ have any recommendations on what worked and maybe more on natural side less chemicals. To the story: my girl is now 5 months old and about a week ago we noticed her scratching her posts at the...
  2. Ramos.cindy

    Kings post weren't smelling to good..

    Kings eard were posted on monday and started smelling bad this morning so we took them off anf his ears along the line where the crop happened was bleeding. idk what to do and what other way to post with out so much tape? i was using paper tape
  3. Nightwalker59

    Ear cropping/Posting troubles

    Hello all! Our lovely 11 week old Female , Seilah was cropped a couple weeks ago, had her stitches removed Monday and was posted at the vet, with likely too much tape. Removed the posts/tape Thursday Night, inner ears all good, a little funky but nothing out of the ordinary, however the leather...
  4. B

    Help!! Looks like stitch fell out

    So our Doberman pup got his ears done 4 days ago. Last night a big scab fell off and it looks like the stitch is gone. It’s on the bottom. It did scab overnight. I contact my vet who is almost two hours away and sent him a picture. He said it looks okay just put some neoaporin on the area. I...