1. М

    Infected ear? Candida? Mites?

    Hello, So I was wondering if any of you have experienced this or something similar and what you did/ have any recommendations on what worked and maybe more on natural side less chemicals. To the story: my girl is now 5 months old and about a week ago we noticed her scratching her posts at the...
  2. F

    Non cropped ear change

    Hey, new joiner. Hi everyone. Quick question, in the UK we don’t crop ears. However my Doberman pups ear has recently changed shape. It no longer sits perfectly like the other. It’s slightly off. Does anyone know what this might be? Some articles suggest teething changes the shape of the ear.
  3. KUN636

    Ear cropping .-.

    So they just took the stitches off and now they taped her ears up. but I noticed there is a piece of ear skin on her left ear at the point while her right ear doesn't have it. I called the vet where I got the cropping and they said its normal and that if I take her in they are gonna recharge me...
  4. doberdad94

    Ears not standing at 7 months old... Help!

    My dobie, Axel, is 7 months 1 week old and his ears are still not standing. We have only taken 2 breaks from posting his ears due to him being nipped by an older dog on his ear (we left him unposted for about a week with each incident while he healed). His left ear has a crease in the cartilage...
  5. A

    Cropped ears won't stand

    We brought our pup home at 6 weeks, vet cropped at 9, left in cone collar for 2 weeks to heal, then posted. One ear came out after a week so we took him back in. They took it off and reposted them for 2 weeks. They were at about 70% standing but after 24 hours they went down again. He's now 15...