Sitting back drinking some beer and reflecting….I can’t believe how crazy they got when they saw the white bag flipping around the field. Their prey drive went insane. Like I said, 99.5% of the time I can control them to a T but in this environment, you kind of have to let them go a little to excite the energy.

Ragnar was a pro until the gate. Freyja was crazy the entire time. Maybe chalk that up to age? Rag is 4 and Freyja is close to 2.

I do have to say that many many folks commented on how stoic and beautiful Dobermans are. To see them run all out is amazing.
There was a photog there and the picts will be interesting because on Sat he was up close in the gate and Sunday down at the end of the lane. Rag is slow and steady on his CAT runs, somewhat methodical. Whereas, Freyja is an all out run. On the second run (did not video) she hit one corner so hard and fast that she rolled over twice, got up and took off at the white bag like nothing. The admin there insisted on checking her over before we left the field.

I don’t think she is taller. She is most definitely longer and leaner though. Ragnar is suppose to be 100% NA but damn if he is not stocky with that block physique of a Euro….that big chest of his is his entire attitude. Hahaha.

Wow - great weekend! Beautiful field for that CAT!
And y'all were 100% right....last time we went, both were well behaved and did not put up a ruckus at all- nice and calm. The moment we got out of the truck this weekend, Freyja turned into the Tasmanian devil and Ragnar was a bucking Brahman bull, they were nuts. Most of the time I can control them but damn, they were absolutely crazy!
I just had to laugh. As we use to say back in my (horse) racetrack days, " I tried to told ya". :rofl:

Hate to tell you this, but they keep getting stronger and crazier. Reckless, my friends Dutch Shepherd, is probably going to have to go to a muzzle she's gotten so bad, but she's into killing the lure not just chasing it.

Glad you've got your BCATS - well done by all your family for helping!
Maybe chalk that up to age? Rag is 4
I'd say nope. They've just got different personalities. Reckless is going on 8 and she will come up the leash an try to bite when I take her to the start and then she'll tear the lure to shreds at the end - use to could get her off of it by throwing a ball, but now that doesn't work and she will definitely bite if you try to grab her off of it. She has intense prey drive in the field but ignores the cat and chickens at home. I think the Dobermans have good prey drive but not the kill drive... as soon as it quits moving it's over.
On the second run (did not video) she hit one corner so hard and fast that she rolled over twice, got up and took off at the white bag like nothing. The admin there insisted on checking her over before we left the field.
I really wanted to do CATs, but I've seen this at almost every field and there are reports of serious injury. Sight hounds that are made to chase prey have long narrow "hare" feet compared to our Dobermans short fat boxy feet that can be compared to army boots. The tight turns are really hard on the body, especially going top speed.
Nice! Now you can never run her again so she stays there. :D:D

Dang, they got Ripley's BCAT on her akc record quick... still waiting on the CGCA to show after submitting the paperwork almost 2 months ago... I'm not really shocked, her RI took a while too but I am surprised the fast cat title is already there. Maybe less volume/easier to process? Also with the CGCA relying on the evaluator to turn their half of the paperwork in in a timely manner. I'll probably have to send them an email here soon to make sure it wasn't lost.

Also, Ripley's ranking is pitiful after having her only runs on that soft soft dirt at Kentuckiana:facepalm:I don't remember her getting down to the 22 mark but her runs were in the 23's compared to last years first runs she ever did almost breaking 25mph. Those were on short grass. It also didn't help that their box was all the way up against a fence, so you couldn't start your dog back further to get that good running start before they tripped the timer. :thumbsdown: I was really looking forward to see how she would improve since her first event now that she had experience and was much more mature but we crapped out on that one! Can't even compare. Guess we'll have to go back to the same place she first ran at, darn. :whistle:
I was going to say! They must be moving through them at lightning speed because no one in the north has had any, yet!

Our first one is in May but we only ever do two runs a weekend so we won't show up on the lists until our second trial... With that an outside dock diving class for Moo... c'mon warmer weather!
Big Congrats to Freyja and Ragnar!!! So nice to be able to do a 2 day meet & get your 3 runs in for the LIST!

I'm still waiting for a virtual ACT 1 title - got my scores (Q's) by email almost 2 months ago, but only one Q is posted on AKC points progression. At what point do you question them?
@Ddski5 did your official photo's ever come through? I know sometimes it can agonizing weeks!

Well, we were supposed to run Saturday but... it was hot, we had afternoon slots, and a bunch of yardwork we wanted to get done so we flaked. Whoops!
Damn….I have been super busy lately. My three daughters and two Dobermans are running me ragged. Always an emergent issue to care for with those five ass clowns.

No, I did not purchase any photos. They are pretty expensive and to be honest, I would not know which one to get. I really like them all.




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Despite a weather delay, we did get to run Fast CAT today!

Rubie was eager as ever but uncharacteristically slow at 22.74 and 22.85 (her second and third slowest runs after her first ever Fast CAT run).

Moo was pretty zippy with a 21.14 and 21.28. He's typically on the higher end of 21 but he had fun! Still zero interest in the "bunny" but loves running to me!

I thought maybe the course was running slow but I released a whippet who got something like 6.8 seconds which was her PR (30mph!) :D guess we just kept the puppies up too late, last night!

At least they had fun running! I think the reward is the dogs having fun - that's the ticket to life, right? I'm not even sure I can get to a Fast Cat this year, and I'm pretty sure that after their peak fitness age (2 - 4???) they can't help but decline in speed... Your two had a great time and a great day and you had a great outing with them. All adds up to win, win, win! Plus the reward of that photo at the end of the day! Pure Bliss!