Dock Diving Thread

P.S. How can you brazenly use a prong collar at an AKC event? Or was this photo taken afterwards somewhere...
Its because it isn't an AKC event! In the rules NADD allows prong collars up to the dock. Take it off when on the dock. 😁 We were finished up with hydro dash and ready to leave but I wanted to nab a pic quick. There were dogs jumping so prong collar on for best control of a jealous pup that close to the pool. We did take the opportunity and worked on heeling and some rally stuff about 15' away. That was a fun opportunity to work on proofing! She did way better than I expected! Anything to play with the bumper.

  • Any e-collars, pinch, prong or other corrective collars or harnesses are allowed, but you must remove it once you are on the dock.
Mmmmm I'll bet it's because NADD titles are recognized by AKC but isn't "AKC," per say??
Bingo. NADD isn't an AKC club or event. It's like Barn Hunt. They recognize their titles though. Our Q ribbons actually had stickers over the AKC logos because AKC recently requested NADD to do so to fall in line with Barn Hunt and other recognized sports that aren't AKC affiliated.
So, we've decided that dock diving trials may not be in our future but we know swimming is healthy and fun for Moose; so we still have pool rentals in our future :thumbsup:

Well, he IS a Lab, so I can see keeping pool rentals!

Especially with cold weather knocking at our door. It's a great way to keep him active in the winter!

How do you add a video on this site? I can’t figure it out!

The best way (I've found!) is to upload a video to You Tube under "Unlisted" (that way only people with the link can watch it), and then use the media option and paste the link.

Upload under Unlisted:


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Yes, I'm pretty sure you have to use a Youtube link on this site... no direct shares from phone etc. Doesn't have to be private or unlisted though, that's up to you.

I thought all my videos had been uploaded under unlisted but I was scrolling through the other day and noticed that several of them had thousands of views! AND comments! FUUUUUUUUU!! Immediately went through and made sure to correct that.

I prefer unlisted so only you guys here can see them :D