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Doberman Shenanigans, Fails, & Accidents (What are your stories?)

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Jasmine0430, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    Not with Rex. Some people in the family don’t understand that it’s not okay to pet him while we’re in public.

    Rex was doing great, laying on his bed at the concert. This was his first event with a large amount of people and loud music. Only had to give him two or three corrections until he got that he was supposed to lay there calmly. About halfway thru everyone started trying to pet him and he began to get uncomfortable and Ancy. So he began to get up and ignore commands and tried to sit on my lap.

    They don’t understand that it’s not acceptable to try to touch him or get him to do something after I’ve given him a command.

    I’d rather he have no “petting” whatsoever in public.

    On the bright side though as I was typing this out he was pooping and his poop is back to almost normal. Normal size just a little more moist than I’d like.
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  2. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    :wideyed: :shock: :eek: oh my g....too late.. :sick::sick::sick:
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  3. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    @MyBuddy i had to get my husband to cut up the beef tongue because I got nauseous just thinking about it. I am hiding in my bedroom waiting to see if they will eat it.
    Just got the heads up that they love it.
    Ok going to hurl now.:sick::sick:

    Hubs just asked me why I buy it if it makes me sick. My response; it is supposed to be good for them. He asked what would you do if I wasn’t here to cut it up for them. Me: wait until you were here!:anonymous :
    These extras were suggested to me by other long term raw feeders. Guess my newness shows. Yuck!!
    We will see how well he does with cutting up bull pizzle.:D
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  4. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    Well, Jazz is having an education in town living. She has previously been with me on a visit to my friend who has a dog of her own and was happy in the backyard. This time however she is in a smaller backyard on her own, and she has discovered that she has a good set of springs in those long back legs. I had thought she was totally safe behind fences about 5'6 high, but no. She felt she had been in the yard long enough without seeing me, (about 15min), and decided to go find me. Thought I'd seen something flash past the window but didn't put it together until I went out to get her and the yard was empty!

    PANIC! :shock: There are some busy streets not too far away and she is fast. All sorts of visions were running through my mind as I went down the driveway. Gave her a call and one of my "out in the bush" whistles, and luckily she had been in the next yard, came galloping straight back to mum and I gave her much praise for coming so enthusiastically! Didn't bother telling her anything about jumping the fence, just went straight out and bought a good strong longline that she gets clipped to for my peace of mind!

    Thank goodness her recall worked so well!
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  5. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Beef tonge in SA is an absolute delicacy and costs the earth....

    We also have what we call "walky-talkies" The indigenous population love that. It to costs a bomb

    So what's walkie Talkie"s...........
    Chicken feet & heads Walkie - talkie... get it?.....

    Then we got "run-away's".... That's a little different to "walkie-talkie's"....
    That's just the chicken feet...... Run-away's.....

    I kid you not... you order it like that....

    Other delacies you are likely to come across.... Sheep's heads.... Brains in......

    Well non of the above for me thanks.... Seeing the chicken heads in the punnets... punnet after punnet in the supermarket refridgerators.....:sonic:....:sick::sick:

    The one I personally like, (And it's jolly tasty) is pigs trotters....
    Chicken livers & necks are also very yummie....

    Ok, you can trotter of and have your breakfast now :evilgrin:

    So I've had my morning fun.... going to measure your Dobies wieght to report on Grumble:woot::woot:
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  6. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    You should get a Do Not Pet vest if you don't already have one.

    That being said: Rubie had hers on this weekend and I specifically told a teenaged kid "No" when they asked to pet her and they still approached with their hand out and said "People don't call me a dog whisperer for no reason!" Well, I don't know about that but I'm definitely calling you a MORON for a reason!

    We just ended up walking away.
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  7. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    You’d be surprise. He has a large DO NOT PET sign around his neck and people ask “can I pet him” no common sense.
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  8. Jasmine0430

    Jasmine0430 Jr Member

    I'm training Jasmine now to walk on a leash and to ignore people (she loves people way too much), but they keep trying to approach her and pet her cause she looks cute with her ears all posted.

    So finally I got a whole bunch of leash patches. I use the "no" hand and "danger" skull ones when I don't want her to be pet. The combo works very well.

    The others I use when socializing her (people and other dogs) and also have had great success. People register pictures better than words it seems. haha
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  9. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    This fail was NOT a Doberman fail but a human fail! For the first time I have met someone who totally stunned me with their stupidity.
    Scenario is that Jazz and I were walking down the footpath past many small shops when she spotted a kids soccer ball in the outside display (you know, the white ones with black hexagons on). She had one as a pup and gave this one a touch with her nose in recognition. Soooooooooo, I stuck my head in the door and sang out hello, at which the woman behind the counter said come in. Says I, "I have a Doberman pup who will be excited by all the things in there". No worries says she, dogs don't shoplift. All good so far and in we went.
    As we walked toward the counter this woman came barreling out and towards us trumpeting that she wasn't scared of big dogs and ran kennels. Jazz took one look and reacted with confusion and over excitement and I couldn't even get a word in to try to get things under control. Trumpet lady then started with the loud calm down commands with arm flapping and a promise to pop Jazz one whilst slapping her leg in demonstration! :machinegun:
    I did say that that kind of behaviour has never been acceptable with Jazz and just causes an escalating situation, but she was too busy with her own agenda. Luckily her phone rang then and she backed off allowing me to get Jazz to settle and sit/wait with a firm, non combative tone. Poor Jazz was obedient but totally confused about it all, and I was trying to choke down some fury! :mad:

    Well, I managed to get Jazz her soccer ball, with very bad grace from Godzilla. Jazz is a well socialised pup who has never shown any inclination to be aggressive, but not all Dobies are so forgiving. Have to wonder what would have happened if she had tried it on an older, more serious dog. And the scariest part is that she reckoned she ran kennels and if that is true then she is treating other peoples dogs badly! :shock:

    And on a happier note, Jasmine is so beautiful! No wonder you have to beat her admirers off!
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  10. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    100% - if people approach calmly and slowly, neither of the dogs have an issue with going up to them. If they run up and are loud and in your face, both will back off. Even Moo - the social butterfly lab.
  11. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    Well, much water under the bridge since I was on this thread. Seems a lifetime ago. Jazz is starting to give me regular hysterics with her sudden empathy! This is a very good development and I have to smother the laugh in case I offend her.

    Yesterday I was watching a video clip on the weather thread and Jazz came over and looked up at me most anxiously because of the serious (to Jazz) tone of "HURRY UP" on the clip. Funny enough.

    Last night she was being a bit over the top with her bark alert and I leaned over to touch her back and tell her "enough now" when she got me a good one with that madly thrashing whip of a tail, right in the eye!!! :wtf3:
    Grabbed my eye and proceeded to make noises like it was poked out, it really, really hurt. Jazz went quiet.

    After a bit when I had recovered enough to think I found that Jazz had taken herself off to her night time bed and was curled up really tight. She wasn't sure what had happened but she knew it was something SHE did.
    :down::down::down::down::down: When I went in she lay her head over my hand and leaned very hard. :love: Is this even the same dog who used to think it was funny to launch herself through the air and cannon ball the middle of my back?
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  12. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    @jazzies mum it is sweet when they are sorry. Wow, a tail whip to the eye? Did it swell and turn red?
  13. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    It went red and is still feeling a bit grainy. Thought it was going to be more spectacular from the pain in the moment. I once managed to flick myself in the eye with a rubber band and this felt similar. Would much prefer to be poked in the eye with a nub!
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  14. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    I was going to say, I've been getting stabbed in the leg with his nub lately! His new backpack means he is relearning how much clearance he needs. In the meantime, he's either side swiping me or stabbing me...
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  15. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Oh! Ouch!!! That had it hurt! :(
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  16. PriscillaKimberly

    PriscillaKimberly New Member

    My mom was coming over last week and when we did go to bed she left her glasses on the table. But Logan is now really in de puberty and takes everything what he can not take.
    The next morning i found one glass on te floor and i put de glasses on the table back but i forget to tell my mom that there was one glass missing.:thumbsdown:
    So that evening she drives back home with one glass missing and she didnt know how this happend so she text me the next day that she got home but that she saw everything very blurry because there was one glass missing.
    I Laughed so hard that i tolt her maby Logan did it, i dont know. :p
    So when i see her next time i will tell her that Logan dit it, but i was Laughing so hard because i forget to tell her:bag::bag:
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  17. Minionmama

    Minionmama Member

    Twilight has eaten my husband's bifocals and two pairs of my sunglasses.
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  18. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    Jazzie strikes again! She was sound asleep in her bed with a blanket over her when there was a sudden loudish sort of noise and she shot out and whipped around with stunned and confused eyes! :scratch: Of course I approached her bed very, very carefully as it must be a snake or maybe a spider to cause such a reaction. Lifted the blanket slowly up and peered in.............and...............got hit by the worlds worst DOG FART! :wideyed::sick::sick::sick:
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  19. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hehehehehehe........................ :lmao:

    Get your own back...... I once got Scruffy (and myself) out from under the cover's.....:eek::eek::blush-alt:
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  20. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    Jazzie throws a wobbly! (Tantrum)

    For the last few days we have had a little male Dingo cruising the neighbourhood. He seems amazingly tame and might have had some human interaction at some stage and has accompanied Jazz and I on part of a walk one afternoon and been howling close to home even after sunrise!

    Last night Jazz picked up his scent when we were out for last potty. She was all for heading out into the moonlight to find him. I insisted she come back and go to bed!

    She whined and kicked the covers off, poked me urgently and told me to my face that she MUST go out. This usually means she needs a poop RIGHT NOW, or feels sick, something wrong anyway. So up I get, slippers and dressing gown, out in the near freezing night waiting for her to sort herself out. No, just wanted me to go Dingo hunting! I put the long tether on her and told her to go out and watch. She went out, stood by the window, whined, yipped, stamped on her squeaky, then came back in and started the same beside the bed. I ignored her. She progressed from whining, to poking me, to shouting in my face! I got cranky and told her "enough, GET OUT"

    She went nuts! It sounded like a wrecking machine and she was cannoning off the side of the bed as she tore the blankets off her own bed and threw them around. I turned on the light, swatted her black butt, and said with feeling "What the :censored::censored::censored: do you think you're doing?!?" Shifted her over, remade her bed, shifted her back and just looked at her. She was still, stunned I think, as it is a long time since she needed the wrath of mum!

    It is always a worry to me that I might be missing something really wrong and misinterpreting her behaviour, so I sat down and gave her a good all over to make sure there was no pain in the stomach or anything. All checked out. She tried to give me apology licks, but I was all business and just took her coat off her in case it was binding, told her to lay down on her bed. She did. Picked up her blanket and held it up ready to put over her and she rolled into a very tight little Doberball and was wrapped up.

    So then I was awake! Listening to make sure Jazz was ok. She was breathing very quietly, no whining, no moving, no grunting, and at last there was that long, loud pheeewwwwww sigh that meant she was settled. One teeny, tiny growl a bit later, but she didn't move! :whistle:

    This morning instead of a game we went for our walk and I let her scent out the Dingo and follow where he went. This was interesting to me too, to see how close the sneaky little fella had been. Came across a bit of bunny he had left after a snack and wandered here and there. Jazz was puffing and blowing, foaming a bit as she sucked up all the good smells. He went past our place again at about 10.30am this morning, broad daylight! Really odd for a Dingo. :scratch:
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