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Featured Doberman puppy owners - track your weight gain here

Discussion in 'Doberman Puppies' started by JanS, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. MelonJ

    MelonJ Notable member

    6wks, 12lbs 10oz, as of 7/23/19
    8wks, 17.6lbs, 8/6/19
    9wks, 19.9lbs, 8/13/19
    10wks, 21.7lbs, 16” @ withers 8/21/19
    12wks, 27.7lbs, 19”, 9/4/19
    15wks, 34lbs, 21”, 9/25/19
    18wks, 43lbs, 22.5”, 10/15/19
    He’s getting so tall, I keep getting stopped and asked if he’s an adult already.

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  2. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    Upon leaving the breeder on her info sheet Remi was 12#s 1.4oz on 7/25/19 @ 8 weeks 5 days
    9 wks: 11.4
    10 wks: 13.8
    11 wks: 15.6
    12 wks: 18.6
    13 wks: 19.4
    14 wks: 23#s
    15 wks: 24.4
    16 wks: 28.4
    17 wks: 30.2
    18wks: 31.4
    19 wks: 32.6
    20 wks: 34.2
    21 wks: 35 pounds she has been on primal freeze dried raw chicken formula for 5 days "transitioning....1 cup Victor nutra pro als and 2-3 "cubes" of Primal chicken freeze dried.
    I've always thought she was underweight, but we have battled diarrhea and tapeworms. She always eats good and she has always gained with the exception of the first few days in her new home.
    We originally tried diy raw diet at 9 weeks, then tried Victo Nutra pro als, tried Orijen, happy howies as training treats, a sunnyside up egg every morning. Stopped the happy howies I'm guessing that was the cause for the constant diarrhea. Stopped the daily egg thinking she has an egg allergy. Wondering if its a chicken allergy, and do I need to use a different prial freeze dried formula. I have the Darwin's frozen raw....but i recently read about all the darwin recalls.
    I will definitely increase her food.
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  3. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    Dang @MelonJ, that's awesome. I gotta ask what/how much do you feed; treats?
  4. My Gal Gretel

    My Gal Gretel Hot Topics Subscriber

    Gretel update (although already outdated...I forgot to post this):

    Born 4/1/19 14oz (second to smallest of the litter)
    1 week 17.7 oz
    2weeks 27.8 oz
    3 weeks 36.9 oz
    4 weeks 43 oz
    5 weeks 4.75 lbs
    6 weeks 7.2 lbs
    7 weeks 10.5 lbs
    8 weeks 13.1 lbs
    12 weeks 19 lbs
    16 weeks 30.8 lbs - 7/22/19
    21.5 weeks 35.1 lbs - 8/30/19
    27 weeks 50.9 lbs - 10/8/19
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  5. MelonJ

    MelonJ Notable member

    He eats 58oz of balanced raw food a day. I feed him BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) style for his main meals. He is extremely food driven and goes nuts for it and cant concentrate a lot of the time during training if his treats are high value, so I have to give him very low value treats rather than something really smelly and yummy. So for him treats are a simple kibble). He only ever eats at most a half cup of kibble each day.
  6. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    20191025_201910.jpg 38.6 pounds on Thursday. She is gaining. Woohoo
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  7. ChuckE

    ChuckE $ Forum Donor $

    15 weeks 41 pounds
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  8. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    Woo hoo. 6 months on tuesday and finally 50 pounds this am. She has not been eating as much tho. She was eating 2-3 Darwin's frozen "block", 3 times a day. Within the last week it just varies so much.
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  9. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    That's about the time they slow down a lot and with Della it was when I dropped her to 2 meals per day.
  10. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    Thank you @JanS, I keep reminding myself of that as I have read many posts about it on dcf. But it took so long to get her to 50 pounds. Lol
  11. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    Although I still fret over her weight, I realize she eats, poops, pees, plays, and sleep like she is normal. So In this new year I am going to try and enjoy her more, have fun with her and stay focused on getting in as much training as I can with her to make sure she is a well rounded, Well mannered, well behaved loving pup.
    7 months on Decemeber 25 and weighed 51.8 pounds on Saturday.
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  12. BaronTheRed

    BaronTheRed New Member

    Baron, DOB 10/01/19 - 18 weeks old at time of posting this.

    All weights were used from VET visits and their scales. I've confirmed today, his weight is 40 pounds.

    8 weeks old - 16#
    9 weeks old - 19#
    12 weeks old - 25#
    13 weeks old - 31#
    15 weeks old - 33#
    16 weeks old - 36#
    17 weeks old - 38#
    18 weeks old - 40#

    Our VET suggested if you take their 4 mo. / 18 wk. weight, double it and add roughly 10% you will be pretty close to their final weight. That would put him at #88 pounds which is about the same size as his father and a few pounds heavier than his mother.

    Attached Files:

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  13. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Titan - 9 months old - 27kg (60lbs)

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  14. Gpcoguy

    Gpcoguy Jr Member

    Just had Rose at the vet. 12 wks. 21 lbs. 17 inches. Does that seem small for a female?
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  15. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    They all vary a lot but it sounds pretty close for 12 weeks.
  16. Gpcoguy

    Gpcoguy Jr Member

    Had Rose at the vet this am. for her last round of puppy shots. 4 months, 30.8 lbs. She gained 10 lbs. In 28 days. Not sure about her height, she seems a bit intimidated by the very scary tape measure. I'm thinking she's about 20"
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  17. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Titan - 1 year old - (33KG) 72lbs

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