Belmont's Show Career


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Paramour Dobermans first!! Belmont finished his GCh in style at The Doberman Pinscher Club Of Missouri by winning back to back Best Of Opposite Sex, which awarded back to back 5 point Specialty majors. He also went Select Dog the following day for a four point major and also took select Dog on Sunday for a Three point major. Sadly I was not there to see it happen as work often gets in the way of things I’d rather be doing.

Belmont will be kept out as a special to attempt to gain a GChB and A Best of Breed at a Specialty for his BISS title. In the meantime, we will be hopefully gaining the final leg of his Beginner Novice Obedience title later this month. Afterwards we will be attempting to gain his CD (Novice Obedience) title to qualify for his Register Of Merit (ROM). In order to obtain a ROM a dog must be a AKC Ch of record, pass the DPCA WAE (Working Aptitude evaluation) and gain a qualifying high level performance title. The ROM is quite an honor of distinction. We also have plans for more Lure Coursing and Fast Cat and Barn Hunt, Rally and Nosework as well. We will also be sitting for our CGCA and CGCU this month. Bells is my do it all kind of dog and my saying I am very proud of him is a gross understatement.

Thank you everyone for your support during his campaign! Really appreciate it!!


GCh Ch Wilken’s Place Mai Bet V Kani CA CGC TKN WAC

We placed our bets and WON!

Belmont with his handler and bestie, Kaylee.



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How amazing!!!! Congrats!!!!
Thank you!!

That was quick! Congrats!!!
Thanks! Yeah I don’t think I had time to breathe. Lol

He is very impressive. Congratulations!
Thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! He certainly is an amazing representation of a doberman.
Thanks so much!!

Wow, wow, wow!!! Well done, and I bet you're just about busting with pride in your boy!
Thanks!! Yes I am so very proud of him!


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We have been busy. Belmont continues his winning ways by going Select Dog over lovely competition at the Doberman Pinscher Club of Greater Milwaukee Specialty under breeder judge Sandy Galinas. He went on to get two more Select Placements that weekend, but judges were busy so no pictures. He is over halfway to his GCHB (Grand Champion bronze) in two weekends.

Belmont also had a fun weekend of Fast CAT and Barn Hunt in Amana, Iowa in July and earned his RATI title. He also got 5 qualifying runs towards his FCAT title.

Belmont gained his final leg of his Beginner Novice Obedience title in May and gained his BN title. We took second place in trial with a score of 196. He was entered in the Sunday trial so instead of pulling him after his title we kept him in and got a fourth qualifying score (only 3 are needed) of 198 for second place in trial. Proud of my boy. Next we will start his CD, which we are hoping for by March. The CD is all Belmont needs to complete his ROM.

In August, Belmont sat for his Community Canine and Urban CGC and earned his CGCA and CGCU titles. Also earned his Trick Dog Intermediate title.

We also started Dock Diving along with Faith.

So Belmont is now..

Few pics of our adventures these past few months...Belmont with handler Erin
at the DPCGM Specialty, Belmont on the Fast CAT field, Belmont gaining his RATI and Belmont swimming with his diving trainer at our local NADD competition pool.

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Wow, what a champion he is :thumbsup: He’s living life to the max and enjoying it every step of the way. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.


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Belmont went Best of Breed over some nice specials last weekend with his handler Kaylee. Nothing in groups as it was a very large working group of 14 dogs. He was pulled for consideration of placement however. He also took Select Dog the second day. Getting closer to that Bronze.

Here he is with half of his handling team, Kaylee and her daughter (who was very proud of Bells’ ribbon) lol.



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Belmont is at it again. Two obedience trials are ahead of us. Hoping to gain his CD to obtain his ROM. Also a conformation weekend the first weekend in March.

Not the best stack as his rear is too far out, but a fun pic to assess his maturity. Three years of age.