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Goodbye Aria.


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Oh no.:(
The quote about the depth of life rings some deep emotions.
The concept that life isn’t fair comes to mind.
They say life is a journey, not a destination. I think Aerosmith said it.;)
Some parts of the journey are painful.

Along this journey we all have a variety of traveling companions.
Some of us are blessed with companions for a short time that somehow change us forever.


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Her complications sound too familiar. My dog's intestines were also knotted up. It was so sudden and it left me with the feeling that he should have lived longer, he should still be here. I have found solitude in knowing that he did not suffer long at all and if at all (I couldn't imagine how he would have felt if not for the medical attention he received). He loved us and we loved him and he was happy. I'm sure your sweet girl felt the same about her life with you. You gave her the best of everything. Run free, sweet Aria.


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Thanks everyone...for your love and kind words. Grieving her is absolutely awful. It was hard to come here and put it in writing because of the finality of it all, but feel I owed it to Ari and our DCF family to share. You guys got to see her grow up afterall. We loved her deeply and life isn’t the same without her. It’s still very hard to talk about. I’m sure you all understand why I’m not posting much. We are still very grief stricken.


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Condolences to you and your family, what an elegant and beautiful dog. Did her downfall occur due to the spay? So so sorry, these times are never easy and we are with you in our thoughts.
Thank you. Yes it was from complications from her routine spay