Slat mill build


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Wow, that’s so awesome! I love the home-made equipment feel. Looks like it would last a lifetime....I’m seriously impressed!


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That is so freaking awesome @Doberman Gang. I've been trying to come up with ideas for different "agility, obstacle courses, etc". Pinterest has great ideas, I am just not able to easily replicate all those neat ideas. Lol
I am envious of your talent.


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Just figured id mention this for those of you who never heard of these. SLAT mills are top of the line and pricey. However, there are also Carpet Mills that are much more affordable for the average dog owner. The same concept- dog chooses his own speed.


Still running for food reward but better each time. Blaze runs down and jumps up on it fir me to hook him up, and he is ready. Picasso is starting to jump up but still needs help occasionally but still not running just making it go a slow walk. Here is a short video of one of Blaze’s first sessions learning to run for food.


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Hey can I ask yer what ls the height of yours as I’ve gone wrong
Not the bar in the middle but the height from floor to top long rail
And also the height of the bar under The roller. Bed can you help out I’m stuck

Doberman Gang

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Doberman Gang how much would you charge to make me a slat mill belt 14'ft 14"in wide or 13.8"in wide? email me I will send you pictures of my project!
I am not building any for people right now. I have very limited time with work and my dog training club. I might start building some once I retire, but that won’t be for about 2-3 years. I have about 7-8 people already wanting one.


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I understand! I don't need a mill just looking for a nice made belt!20200415_222544.jpg


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