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Bones for Pups

Discussion in 'Doberman Puppies' started by Mearntain, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Lizbeli

    Lizbeli $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Are your dogs able to get out all of the marrow on an enclosed bone thats around 6in? I found some bones that are cut lengthwise and expose the marrow. But I don't want it to be too easy for Jasper lol!

    We give him 12in bully sticks but once he gets it halfway he chews it with his head in the air which makes him gag. Sometimes I wonder if he is as smart as I thought XD At $11 per stick and only half safely eaten, im pretty much throwing my money away.
  2. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member


    So this is just MY experience but I also give the 12” and I don’t take it away from him. He also does this head upwards thing sometimes as he’s moving it side to side trying to break it down. My rule is that when the stick is that small, no one goes up to him so there’s no urgency for him to swallow it. That said I don’t think he’d attempt to swallow as he usually just closes his mouth around the item and leaves the area, then pops it back out to continue working it. So he’s never left alone once the stick gets small.

    The alternative is to get the 18” and then take it away when it’s half done. I tried that too but then I was storing a wet bull penis in my fridge (in a ziplock bag!) and I’m just not ready to make that sacrifice for Kaiser :tongueclosed:
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  3. Mearntain

    Mearntain New Member

    Thanks for all the tips Viemarangelrock!

    I've noticed a few people mention something about avoiding load bearing bones. I would imagine a femur is considered load bearing, so should I be avoiding that?
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  4. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    You can still give her a femur but I would suggest taking the bone away from her when all the marrow has been stripped from it.
    The bone is very dense and can break her teeth. They are great recreational bones for gnawing on, especially a good meaty one, but once again, when it’s stripped clean take it away.
  5. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I forgot to say... the rich fat of the marrow can also cause intestinal upset. It is also high in calories.
    Maybe once or twice a week is enough for recreational gnawing. If you take the (unfinished) bone away from her just rinse it, put in a freezer bag and pop it in the fridge for the next time.

    Have you tried her with a frozen Kong? You can mash banana, add some blueberries then pop it in the freezer overnight.
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  6. Mearntain

    Mearntain New Member

    No, I havent tried the frozen kongs before, I'm not familiar with those. I'll definitely check them out. Thanks
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  7. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    Kongs are wonderful! We have two x-large ones made from the black rubber... Rubie could probably chew through the red rubber ones. You can put pretty much anything in them... peanut butter, yogurt, ground meat... and freeze them.

    We're very lucky in that we have boutique pet stores on probably every corner and they all sell 'recreational' bones which our pups loose their minds over. Once the marrow is gone, I put peanut butter in these and throw them in the freezer to keep them busy at a later time. It absolutely makes a difference in keeping their teeth clean. But yes, be careful with puppy teeth on the hard bones.
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  8. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    I found some pictures of why I suggested the minimum of 6" for marrow bones.....

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  9. Lizbeli

    Lizbeli $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    @Panama Its crazy how this can happen. I just can't picture how those teeth can fit through like that. I need to double check the benebone I have.. I never thought about that happening and I leave it in his crate when I go to work. Ill probably stick to the wishbone shaped ones from now on.
  10. Mearntain

    Mearntain New Member

    Wow, that's insane! Thanks for that Panama. I wouldve never imagined that being possible before, but now I know! Thanks again
  11. Izzy’s Mom

    Izzy’s Mom Jr Member

    Oh my! Thanks for posting this! Won’t be buying anything like that for Miss Izzy! I am researching which bones are best though! I’m sure I’ll need a break and she will need something to keep her occupied!

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