1. S

    Breeder Recommendation for Service Dog

    Hey all! I’m looking for a breeder for my next service dog in the next year or so, end of 2022 or sometime in 2023. I’m a professional dog trainer with 14yrs of experience, so please no lectures on them not being the best SD candidate, I understand that and the risks- this is my heart breed. I...
  2. S

    Breeder referral

    Hello! I am new here and I am looking for a female European Doberman to add to our family. We prefer a working line with a higher drive. I live in Louisiana but I am willing to travel anywhere in the United States for the right pup. I do realize most breeders will have a long waiting list. I...
  3. K

    Breeders in the US - Near AZ

    Hi I’m looking for a breeder in Arizona or a breeder near az or one that can transport. Specifically looking for a male puppy as I currently have a female. I’m looking for a dog for a companion family dog. Mostly will be doing obedience at home. Also would like to have a dog that is a good...
  4. Rits

    So you want a Doberman? Guide to buying a puppy from a breeder.

    Written by "CP Dobe" on Facebook: I'm a newer breeder and just wanted to share some insights that will hopefully be helpful to potential homes. Responsible breeders don't breed until we have sufficient interest. We know we can feel more confident that the potential home is serious if they...
  5. P

    Looking for European Doberman Breeders

    Does anyone know of any reliable European Doberman breeders in the US or Europe? I’m not opposed to having the puppy shipped to me but I’m having a terrible time finding breeders. Most of them haven’t been active since the early 2000s to 2010s. Thanks for any recommendations!
  6. Doberman1994

    When should I know which one I will be getting.

    hello we get our litte girl next Thursday the day after her ear crop surgery. But the breeder has said she picks which dog goes to which home ect. Which is fine with me cause I live a long distance away and wouldn't be able to go pick one out. But my question is when should I know which one...
  7. G

    I can not decide on what lines I prefer

    Hello! I have found two breeders I like. One where I like the breeder more than the dogs, and one where I like the dogs more than the breeder. I feel like I am running in circles trying to find the "perfect dog" for myself. I love doing fast CAT, agility, and barn hunt with my current dog. But...
  8. P

    Breeder Referral in Texas

    Admin note: Merged two threads together on the same topic. Can anyone recommend a companion pet breeder in Texas? I've been in touch with several breeders who are mostly show breeders with a potential stipulation to show the dog. I may be into that, I may not. The main focus is a companion...
  9. I

    Service Dog Breeders

    This question has probably been asked so many times already...but yes, I'm looking for a service dog breeder. I'm looking for an American-type dobie, male. I owner train but I expect to have trainers alongside to mentor and help me (because we all need accountability). My current dog is 7...
  10. K

    Getting a new puppy:)

    Hello everyone! We are currently getting ready to get a puppy from Kenlor Kennels. Maybe someone has an information about this breeder and can give an opinion if we are looking at the right direction. Thank you!
  11. G

    Breeder and COI levels

    Hey everyone! I am starting my search for a doberman puppy and am hoping y'all might be able to help me out. I'm wanting a Euro doberman (or at least a 50/50 euro and American). I have been talking to South Paws in Georgia and she seems like a good breeder with some beautiful and healthy dogs...
  12. L

    European Doberman Breeder in Texas

    My family was planning to get a European Doberman in about 3 weeks, but the breeder just contacted me this morning saying that our puppy had been bitten by a snake and died last night. Does anyone know of a breeder in Texas? We are in southeast Texas, but if we need to travel to find a good...
  13. baseballfanatixx

    Please help with breeder info

    I lost my boy Capone to DCM in April. Still in grief. I am trying to find out info on the breeder so I can do Capone's family tree so I can honor him. I would also like to advise others who may have got a Doberman from there to get tested ASAP. The breeder was Lakota Doberman Reservation in...
  14. W

    Opinions on this particular European Dobie breeder? Any suggestions for European breeders in Canada?

    Hi there! I am new to the site and have been wanting to get a second opinion on this European Doberman breeder. Me and my boyfriend have been looking into getting a European Doberman for over a year now and finally came across someone who seems like they have been in the game for a while and...
  15. R

    Should This Be Required?

    I just want to know your thoughts on proper etiquette when it comes to selling a vWD affected dog. I bought a dog (who I now know is vWd affected) for a significant amount of money and was not told either of his parents were carriers.
  16. C

    Help... Doberman puppy dilemma

    Hello everyone, Thank you in advance for all who will respond. So, my wife and I have been interested in getting a Doberman puppy fore quite a while now. We've been doing research on the breed, breeders, health testing etc. I randomly came across an ad from a nice woman that was looking to...
  17. M

    I need help finding a puppy!

    Hi everyone! Brand new here :) I am on the hunt for my first Doberman... I've done a lot of research, before I even started actively inquiring about puppies. (I was waiting until we purchased our house) Anyway, my heart desires a male black/rust puppy! I am located in Missouri and have been...