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Loki thirsty all the time, incontinent


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Thank you for posting all your steps, as we are having trouble with Gunther I will definitely encourage thyroid test, retesting for DI

Two Dobes

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Love the photos of them outside in the water and snow! Made me smile ~
Thank you for posting your experience...it is always nice to have someone else's experience to compare to with these mysteries. Keep us posted.


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@WMBigs Update Please! Did it end up being DI or just thyroid related had it resolved? I've been reading this whole thread dying to know!
Diabetes Insipidus, sorry, thought I had. Life has been normal again for Loki and us. The vet had said diagnosing DI is a matter of process of elimination because there is no test for it. We give her one eyedrop of Desmopressin every night now.

Looking back, she had always drank more than Codi despite being 25 pounds lighter. So she always had to go potty more frequently, but never was incontinent. She loves playing in water so she attacks it, drinks it, eats it, thrashes it, just won't swim in it. Now she drinks more normal quantities like Cody does when not playing with it.


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