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Jazz progress report

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by jazzies mum, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Hot Topics Subscriber

    As Jazz matures and gains experience I am finding that her progress isn't in leaps and bounds, but just a continuous improvement in her stability and education! A lot of her learning is now just putting together what she already knows into different contexts and she is very flexible and willing to think hard about a new requirement. This is so relaxing and things just click into place now. Gone are the days of constantly trying to overcome training hiccups and thinking of new approaches that might work best. Life is, in fact, becoming a bit too smooth! No funny puppy stories, or shenanigans. Does anyone else sort of miss those challenging days, or am I just a glutton for punishment! :rofl: (I also think we forget just HOW frustrating some of that was!!!)

    After our month of traveling and all the different situations she experienced we have reached the point that Jazz can now be relied on to stay within her home boundaries........with no collar or fence! If she needs to protect her territory she knows where that ends and has her say without needing to go any further. If she has to potty she will take herself out, do her business, then hustle straight back. There are several favourite places she hangs out during the day while I'm busy doing other things and a couple of times I haven't easily seen her and called her sharply...........at which she magically appears from just around a corner where she has been sunning! This is something I have been working towards since she was a pup but wasn't really sure it could be done! :thumbsup: Of course she is still tethered at night, but doesn't ever try to go to the full length so in the end will probably graduate to being free most of the time!

    I love seeing how everyone is involving their dogs in all sorts of sports and different challenges. Lure coursing, Fastcat, Agility, Dock diving and even tracking or search and rescue work interest me hugely, but realistically aren't available here. However, I am really happy with the way my girl has developed just the way she has and know she can handle pretty much anything. She fulfills her role as companion and home protection perfectly and that is all I really require. :love: We will do a lot more traveling in the future and that keeps her on her toes. You never know, there might be occasions where she can try some of those sports!
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  2. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    I vote “glutton for punishment” :spit:

    Sounds like Jazz is coming along greatly. It’s so nice when there are only small refinements to be made instead of trying to a tame a wild bull before it gores you and stomps all over your carcass for fun :thumbsup:
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