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Bad dog food

Discussion in 'Doberman Nutritional Care' started by JanS, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. AxelRose

    AxelRose Well-Known Member


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  2. Denissov43

    Denissov43 Notable member

    Axel what is easy to do to supplement with meat is to give meaty bones in an area of confinement... a meaty bone in an area where you have a towel folded neatly over and they can lay in a crate or any confined area to eat it to ease the clean up process. Just giving them some raw meat per day and supplement that with some 'enzymes' in a capsule form in a meat ball will do a world of aid to their digestive track. Just hamburger, fresh ground or have a butcher grind up some fresh chicken with the bones and all... a chicken breast with the ribs attached can be ground if you do not want to give it to them as a whole piece. I also give chicken wings and legs and thighs when they get old enough to eat the legs an thighs. Saava devoures fresh chicken wings now daily. He can eat about 6-8 whole wings at a sitting and he loves them. You would surprised how well they take to raw food and how inexpensive it to is once you figure out how much they can eat in one sitting. I also feed kibble because I feed Orijen kibble which is the best on the market today. I give gemma 2 cups of kibble a day and I give her about 1/2 lbs of meat if she gets kibble. I also fast they one or two days a week when I feed raw food because they need a digestive rest just like they would in the wild.
    I was watching a show on african wild dogs the other day and I watched how much they are like domestic dogs and yet they are wild... yet, they are absolutely a dog and not a wolf or a jackel or a fox... they are a seriously intelligent dog who kills an antelope as a pack and devours as much meat and bone as their stomachs can hold because they may go for days without food.
    It is alot easier than you think to feed raw and I have found it to be quite inexpensive compared to kibble, especially the good ones like Orijen....
    its cheaper by far and most certainly better for them and better for their overall health for their entire lifetime.
  3. AxelRose

    AxelRose Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info again. Axl is doing better these days (touch wood) lol...Unfortunately he can not eat chicken..fresh or in any kibble period. As for price of real food..I just dont know where everyone shops, here in Toronto, even ground beef can be as high as 7.99 a pound, even at half a pound that can be quite expensive..I usually buy on sale, at about 2.80-4.00 a pound, I only buy lean beef. Add the Canidae at $80 a 30 lb bag (its just a little cheaper then Orijen)....I just can't afford it at all. I am so not working full time right now..things are really tough for me. Maybe when Im doing better I will consider doing half raw.
  4. Denissov43

    Denissov43 Notable member

    Well its all relative I guess Axel....
    Yes... that is expensive ground beef.... wow....
    curious if you have any Yahoo 'raw feeding groups' in your area? We have one in Phoenix where they have worked out a way to get BULK raw food and members of the group all have access to carcasses and all kinds of raw food for dogs for a BULK buying price....
    Canidae is more expensive where are than Orijen is here...
    Have you tried "Pet Flow" for your dog food? or any of the online sites where you can buy Acana or Orijen (made in Canada) for alot cheaper? I buy Orijen for $65/ bag and it comes delivered FREE... I also buy Acana which is about $10 bux cheaper online too....
    Just a thought as I do not know what its like for raw feeders in Canada...
    BTW. my husband came here from Toronto! He was an Russian immigrant to Canada and then we met online and he moved here 12 years ago!
  5. FlyGirl

    FlyGirl Jr Member

    The 'best' kibble available in Durban, South Africa is Hills & Eukanuba!!! I use 1/3 Hills Large breed puppy & 2/3 frozen food (chicken, beef, rice mix) & try to add some supplements as she is growing. I've noticed if I increase the Hills kibble by more than 1/3 of her diet she gets stomach issues. She suffered a lot with diarrhoea & bloating when I was only using the kibble but she's fine now. The breeder & vet warns me that she should be exclusively on Hills Large breed puppy formula so that she grows correctly. I do give 250mg Calcium per day as the frozen food is very low in calcium but everyone cautions against calcium supplementation as it can affect the joints. She has got growing pains now which could be due to too much protein. What are we to do when we only have such poor quality kibble?
  6. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    That's really a bummer when you have so little to choose from. Between the Hills and Eukanuba the Eukanuba is a much better choice and at least it has meat as it's first ingredient. Ugh, I just read the ingredients on the Hills again and it makes me shudder. :groan:It's good that you're supplementing the frozen food so she's at least getting her nutrients.
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  7. Sosthenes

    Sosthenes Distinguished Member Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I bet somewhere in this mess we could find the ASPCA and PETA. Two equally criminal groups.
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  8. Sosthenes

    Sosthenes Distinguished Member Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Anyone know anything about Innova Dog Food? Thanks.:)
  9. 4Dobies

    4Dobies Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Innova is a good brand 4 or 5 stars depending on the one being fed.
  10. Sosthenes

    Sosthenes Distinguished Member Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Thank you for saving my wife's ears and ego. She brought a bag home today for Cato without a discussion first. LOL Poor girl! I was going to verbally spank her, but now I can give her a big hug and a kiss for her thinking about Cato. Thanks again!;)
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  11. DocReverto

    DocReverto Formerly CRD

    Just make sure you transition slowly. Good for you for getting Cato on a good food!
  12. dogmanusa

    dogmanusa New Member

    There are good dog foods and bad dog foods out there, if it says Chicken meal or Beef meal, anymeal with a type in front of it is OK, example chicken meal, beef meal there the basicly good with the water taken out. You see a lot of companies using meal that is good but be careful how its stated, check the net for explanation of meanings, we feed kibble as a sort of snack but mainly feed raw our own mixes, If you buy raw the price is ridiculous at $3.50-$6.00 a pound, you can make your own for the price of a decent kibble. There is one called BLUE RIDGE BEEF, not available every where but bthey have many sellers of there products, its around 1.50-2.00 depending what you feed, we make our own as i say and you can make it for $1.00-$1.50 pound depending whats available. The beef we use is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, so its not FDA or USDA what ever it is. We get ours from a guy that sell in 5 pound chubs, folks been buying it from him over 25 yrs and we been getting it from him for a few now, never had a problem with it.
    Many meat markets sell a beef/hamburger mix thats for like sauces and stuff, we were buying that for .99 when they had it so human grade for a buck a pound add to it your cost under $1.50 pound with all human grade products. i have a site on RAW its kind of new but i will aded to it, check it out raw-usa enough ranting hiope it helps, poppabill.

  13. Mickey's Mom

    Mickey's Mom Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Oh lord!! My poor Mickey! I bought him Iams and he's eaten like half of the bag :'(
    Hopefully BJs will take the food back. I will not be feeding that poison to my baby.
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  14. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I would keep it if you plan to switch so you can slowly convert him over to what ever you decide on. :)
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  15. Nadja

    Nadja Jr Member

    I agree, I am not giving my dog raw. I did that once and my dog got pancreatitis and was never the same and then she eventually passed because nothing sat right with her after that, I blamed myself for a long time! I thought because of the wild she could eat that kind of thing but NO!! Had a doberman breeder tell me that he gave raw chicken to his dogs and they had diarrhea for days due to salmonella because it wasn't cooked! I have been feeding my blue buffalo and I don't think it is right for her, she doesn't eat hardly and her stools are very inconsistent, so I am changing that to TOTW to see what happens. It's all scary to me now!

    Although the satan balls look fantastic I would be so afraid of it after what happened to my little Annie from raw meat. If your are going to do it, I would spend the money and get it lean, after all wild animals that wolves kill are very lean animals I do believe.
  16. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yet another bad result with Blue Buffalo? :facepalm: Boy, I would run from this food!
  17. Nadja

    Nadja Jr Member

    I purchased TOTW and she loved it!!! Ate 3 cups of it this morning! She was starving! Terrible reviews on Blue Buffalo! Never again! I do not recommend it!
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  18. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm glad she's doing well with the TOTW! I know no food can agree with every single dog, but TOTW has had a great track record with a good percentage of the dogs I know of.
  19. astrakrass

    astrakrass Novitiate

    Thank you very much for the information in this discussion. I do not know dog food brands in America. I am trying to find food for my 5-month doberman. It seems to me First Mate Australian Lamb Meal Formula is a good option.Or am I wrong?
  20. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Hey there!

    I haven't used the following website at all, really, but it is called Dog Food Advisor (right, folks?). That is what I recommend is looking at the information on highly-utilized dog food review websites.

    Also, I wonder if there are threads here that give several good suggestions for dog food.

    To answer your question specifically: I have not heard of First Mate dog food.

    Are there very many dog food brands available where you live in India? What can be delivered there? Will companies like Chewy or Amazon deliver to where you live?

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