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Bad dog food

Discussion in 'Doberman Nutritional Care' started by JanS, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I've seen this before and thought it was worth sharing again.
    Original source - Bad Dog Food:
    This is why I'm so careful about reading the ingredient list. :eek:

    Bad Dog Food

    Ladies and gentleman, hold on to your hats. We’re about to tell you what bad dog food is, what’s in it, and who makes it. It’s not pretty.

    The major dog food manufacturers are producing nothing but bad dog food. That may seem to be a grandiose claim, but there is a plethora of evidence to prove it. Behind the colorful bags, the jingles, the slogans, the commercials – major dog food brands supply one thing: bad dog food. It’s an injustice to all dogs and dog lovers. What these producers of bad dog food are really offering your favorite furry friend is a foul admixture of disgusting by-products and a cornucopia of toxic chemicals.

    When cattle, chickens, lambs, swine, and other animals are slaughtered for food, it’s common that just the lean muscle is cut and used for human consumption. The left over carcass is then sent to a rendering plant, along with all the other waste that is around. This foul mess is rendered and will soon become bad dog food. What this amounts to is an appalling mixture of chicken feet, dead animals, euthanized dogs and cats, lungs, ligaments, beaks, teeth, intestines, and more. This bad dog food is cleaned up with the all-encompassing label of “meat-and-bone meal” and “by-products” on the outside of the bag.

    Have you heard of the “4 D’s”? The “4 D’s” encompass the kind of cattle that are sent to rendering plants:


    When all of this putrid material comes to the rendering plant, it's put in a huge vat and shredded. It’s then cooked at 220 to 270 degrees for 20 to 60 minutes. After it cools, the grease is skimmed off the top. This is "animal fat." The rest is pressed and dried. This is what’s called "meat and bone meal” and “by-products” – otherwise known as bad dog food.

    Who’s Responsible?

    Huge corporate conglomerates use pet food companies as a cheap and profitable way to dispose of waste produced by their human food companies:

    Alpo, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Mighty Dog, Purina One

    9 Lives, Amore, Gravy Train, Kibbles-n-Bits, Nature's Recipe

    Hill's Science Diet

    Proctor & Gamble
    Eukanuba, Iams

    Kal Kan, Mealtime, Pedigree, Sheba, Waltham's

    So why do dogs eat this bad dog food? Their senses are being duped. To make this bad dog food pleasing to the eyes and noses of our canine pals is nothing more than a lesson in chemistry.

    Some of the chemicals used in pet food include:

    *BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) - known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction

    *BHT (butylated hydroxytolulene) - known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction
    *Ethoxyquin - suspected of causing cancer
    *Propylene glycol - causes the destruction of red blood cells

    Some other things that may be added to bad dog food are:
    *Coloring agents
    *Drying agents
    *Flavoring agents

    So who’s responsible? Who allows such practices to continue unabated? Who regulates the pet food industry? The answer is:

    *PFI – The Pet Food Institute
    *AAFCO – Association of American Feed Control Officials
    *FDA/CVM – The Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine

    These agencies profess standards and measures for dog food manufacturers to uphold, but they DO NOT have the authority to enforce them. Therefore, there are no assurances of the quality of ingredients that the major dog food manufacturers are putting into their bad dog food.
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  2. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    O_M_G. Never again.....I am so happy my cat & dog foot labels have neither meal or by-products listed. RETCH!!!!!!!!
  3. MeadowCat

    MeadowCat Well-Known Member

    Really great article. Thanks for posting it, Jan.

    We've had to go through several foods to find one that works for Shanoa, but I'm unbelievably happy with the Orijen large breed puppy formula. She's eating that twice a day, with a heaping tablespoon of oat bran added to it, mixed with a little bit of Wellness 95% meat canned food (either chicken or turkey). Ever since we started doing this, we get great stool, and she absolutely loves the food. I'd definitely recommend it. It's worth the extra cost.
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  4. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Gosh I wish we could get the Orijen around here. I've heard nothing but good about it.
  5. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    Apollo gets Nutro puppy food mixed with Taste of the wild and its working good for him too.Logan gets Nutro max large and he is a happy healthy camper(besides that he eats Apollo's food too,if i don't watch out,what put some more lbs on his hips.:D:rofl:
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  6. DF3

    DF3 Notable member

    Is the high protein content okay for puppies? I'm feeding my pup Canidae ALS right now but I'm looking to switch her over to Orijen in the future.
  7. MeadowCat

    MeadowCat Well-Known Member

    There's definitely controversy about that topic, DF3. Since there are lots of puppies who do great on raw diets, I'm in the camp that says high protein is fine for puppies (and biologically appropriate). Plus, Orijen is careful about their puppy formula. They still make sure that calcium and phosphorus levels are low enough for slow growth in larger breed dogs.

    Obviously, some disagree with that type of protein level. All I can say is that it is working GREAT for our dog. It took us a long time to find something that she did well on, and I've been very, very pleased with Orijen.

    I know Canidae is good, too (my cats actually eat Felidae), but Shanoa didn't do well on it.
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  8. Luke

    Luke Novitiate

    As many dog food sites that I've been to and as much research that I have done, I never seen that article. Thanks for sharing.
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  9. BlueEyes

    BlueEyes Guest

    Oh that just makes me sick!
  10. hall.christopher

    hall.christopher Novitiate

    Thanks for the info Jan!
  11. Dobiegirl

    Dobiegirl Novitiate

    :sick2: ewwwwwwwwwwwww
  12. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    here is a link to a similar article... a bit lengthy but very informative!! Not sure, my food is up there cuz of Lamb Meal... other than that had the cleanest list of ingredients I could find in food I can afford... be hard for me to change since I swear its the reason why my italians dont have seizures anymore...

    What’s Really in Pet Food
  13. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    And what are you feeding again?
  14. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    natures recipe, lamb meal and rice. but like i said... since i have had the boys on it.. they have had maybe ONE seizure in the past year... when Blue by himself would have one at least once a month, it was even getting more frequent just before the change...
  15. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Oh! That's what I feed! Then this is a good question....I too notice that it said 'Meal' :confused: my sister (who feeds raw and I trust her option) and I went through bag after bag at a Holistic Dog food store and decided on this one for a lot of reasons. (ingredients, variety on proteins etc) and then suddenly I realize it says 'meal'! Confused, I just recently asked the owner of the store and she said it's not 'by products' and not like I am thinking...ok, then what is it? She suggested I go to Dogproject.com and it explains it but I couldn't find much there. My next step would to maybe go to the Natures Variety site or something but maybe you can help? What are your thoughts on this?

    Ok, after posting this, I'm seeing you said Nature's Recipe! Mine is Nature's Variety by Prairie. Not the same, right?
  16. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    thinking not. But lol, my story is the same. the food i had them on prior didnt have anything meal and of course no by product (cant remember if it was avoderm or blue buffalo) so i went thru whole store, petsmart... mainly cuz i have a tendency to wait to last minute to get food and feed store closes to early on me... but went thru ALLLLL the bags reading ingredients. and its been a while now, but for whatever reason, i chose them, and since been impressed with the seizure thing and the fact it helps me keep the weight undercontrol for my bigger igs... (mama... the cow)
  17. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Well Buddy is doing well on this too but the meal thing has me thinking....:thinking: I will try that site again and contact someone to see what they say. :confused:
  18. titan1

    titan1 Notable member

    hey guys Meal is not a bad thing it is actually good. Think of it this way it is dehydrated meat. Like chicken meal is the chicken meat with all the water removed. So it is concentrated chicken protein. Hope this helps
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  19. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yes, it does! Thanks,....so, long as it's NOT by-products, its ok?
  20. titan1

    titan1 Notable member

    that is right - but there are a few other things you want to stay away from

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