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My heart is broken in a million little pieces

Ingrid H

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It's good to see you again Sharon, and thanks for the wonderful birthday reflections on Buddy. I know it's rough. Hardly a day passes that I don't feel the sting of tears over the loss of Hans. Hopefully this wonderful DCF community can give you some comfort. We love you!


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Thank you for sharing your long journey with Buddy. I always got a smile when I saw you posted in a thread. God bless both of you.


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So very very sorry.

Such a great tribute and video. I'm sure Buddy is still very much near you and running around just has he's done.
Someone told us when we lost our Brown boy Stryker. That they can see and hear us, so talk to them often.


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So glad you could give us an update. Buddy will be missed by us all and it was worrying not knowing how you were. He was such a special boy!

Grief is one of those things that hit each of us in different ways. Taking time out and letting yourself take a break is quite normal for some of us, (me too). You will surface again and the sun will shine again but it will take time, maybe a lot of time, and it can't be hurried. So please know you have our best wishes and our thoughts will be with you through this.
This is very true.
Is one of the most personal things someone can live through, dealing with loss.
I know I didn’t work or do much of anything for close to a month after losing Daisy.

I’d say I understand what Sharron is going through, but I’m not sure I actually do.
We said goodby to Daisy before her 8th birthday, she had much longer with Buddy. I have to think that time creates more bond, more memories, experiences and a greater sense of loss.

I’ve hesitated a few times now on posting in here, as there really are no words to help. Time will soften the sting a little but there will always be a little piece of the human that seems? Broken? Like a piece of the spirit is gone. I don’t know any words that will help that.

Sharron, it does get better. It’s painful process, life’s journey.


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On December 4th, we lost a wonderful companion, a gentle soul and a constant Buddy by my side. Today is his birthday. He would have been 13 years old. Happy Birthday, Baby! :love:

The oldest Doberman we've ever had. I thought I was prepared to lose him. I thought having him for so long was such a blessing that I would be simply grateful. Although that is true, it didn't stop me from falling into a deep, dark hole of despair. I think it worked the opposite. I had him for so long that living without him has been so difficult that I can hardly bear it. Everywhere I look it seems I can see him. Or at least I should be seeing him. Not like in spirit, but in reality. Like, he should be running across the back field! He should be coming up the stairs to the house. He should be chasing Kali. He should be right by my side where he was all the time. All the time! He followed me everywhere. Wherever I was, he was right there! Even as he aged and I'm sure getting up was difficult, he still did it just to be with me. He followed me everywhere.

And two of the places where he laid a lot are now vacant. But in my mind I see him there all the time. And it's unbearable. His bed by the side of my bed and his bed in our sun room. Those two places especially have been hard for me. The empty spot next to my bed seems huge now. Every time I get out of bed it hits me that he's not there. Every time I walk through the bedroom and see that empty spot, it hits me that he's not here! When my husband and I sit in our sunroom in front of the fire he would be laying by my side on a large bed. I always had to be careful when I got up to either walk around him or walk around the table the other way. Now there is nothing. But I still hesitate when I get up, thinking he's there and my heart aches each and every time. :(

I cried for weeks and still crying now. I cried until I lost my voice! Whenever I felt I was feeling better, I would still breakdown thinking of him. It still hurts to say his name and I avoid it like the plague. It's just so familiar to me! It just brings instant tears.

I'm very grateful to have him for so long. But that's not helping me. He was such a permanent fixture in the house and in my life and by my side. I just miss him so terribly it takes my breath away! He was such a sweet boy.

Those of you who remember Von Doom or Fred, may remember when he lost his Doberman. His title to the thread was something like, Incoherent ramblings of a grieving man. I always remembered how that hit me because it felt similar to how I knew I would feel. Incoherent ramblings. That's me. I know a lot of you probably have gone through something similar when you've lost your companion. But for the most part I feel alone in this. Don't ask me why. I just feel like not many would understand my grief. I guess because I feel I grieve longer than most. Maybe that's not true, maybe it is. I know when things go on for a long time most people would be surprised that you're still grieving. They want you to get over it. Easier said than done. I actually surprised myself. Like I said, I really felt that I would be much better when this happened. I thought I was prepared. I knew it was pretty evident. I knew he wasn't going to last another year. But I always talk and think brave when they are still here. Then they're gone and in an instant your world tilts! Everything changes. That empty feeling, that warm body, that beautiful face, it's gone and you want to have it back! Not another dog. But that dog! I don't want another dog. I want him. I miss him so much! Sometimes now I try not to think about it because I'm so afraid of going down that dark hole again. Crying and not being able to stop.

I wanted to come back here. I wanted to write a Memorial for him. But I couldn't bear it. I just couldn't bear it! But being his birthday today I knew I just had to cry my way through it! Do it for him.

I just loved him so much! My husband did too. His loss has hit us both but, of course, me especially. I told my husband, I have been with that dog more than I have been with you! Think about that. I have been with him 24/7 for 13 years! Barely ever apart! It's like someone tore out my heart! Every time I think of him it just takes my breath away! I actually have to take an intake of breath! It's like someone sucker-punched me.

Poor Kali. I sobbed continually for days. Loudly! There was no holding back to protect her. But even the day he died I think she knew. I laid with him for hours as he lay dying, sobbing my heart out. We finally had my horse vet come and help him over the bridge and again I laid there sobbing until he was cold. I tried to bring her over to him so she can see he was gone. She wanted no part of it. I think it frightened her. I probably frightened her. It took a few weeks but I started to try and be more positive around her. Talk excitedly to her. And she is coming around. I'm sure she felt my grief. There was no way around it. I couldn't hide it. The day he died I hadn't eaten all day so my husband insisted we take a drive and pick something up to eat. As we were leaving Kali was there and I suddenly realized I could take her with us! She loves to go in the car but I would never take her and leave him home by himself. So we took her with and it was bittersweet moment. Knowing I could take her. But also knowing why.

I miss you so much, Buddy!! :down:

A special thank you to @GennyB for texting me and trying to keep me upright. Although each text brought first tears, it was the connection I needed. Thank you for praying for me.

And now I will try to get through a few photos. First my best and favorite video of all time. I created this and I love watching it or at least I did. I will one day again but I can't right now. But I will let you! I took a lot of time with this, choreographing the pictures with the music. I always thought it was a fun video! And a great insight into his personality, his love of his blankets! His playful nature, how he could run like the wind and very tolerant of our horses. :D

View attachment 115064 View attachment 115053 View attachment 115054 View attachment 115055 View attachment 115056 View attachment 115057 View attachment 115058 View attachment 115059 View attachment 115060 View attachment 115061 View attachment 115062 View attachment 115063 View attachment 115064

Excuse me while I get more tissue....
So sorry for your loss.


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Was thinking of you last night when I started remembering my late boy Kato. It has been three years and I still cry for him once in a while.

It definitely won’t seem like it now, but it will get easier. It will never go away. Could be months from now. Maybe even years.

I would like to say most of us dedicated owners here understand the grief. I actually had my heart checked shortly after losing my boy. Thankfully it wasnt too extreme- costochondritis. Doctor says it was probably the hard straining while crying for Kato. Point is- you are in my thoughts. I know how terrible this can be.. I just hope you can heal without any negative impacts to yourself. Grief can be extreme and I have a feeling you may be feeling it more than I did :( Take care of yourself,



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I'm so sorry if this reopens the wound but I love you and Buddy too much to not say how sorry I am to learn that he passed. Ginny let me know when it happened but this is my first time seeing the thread. He was an amazing boy. Always gorgeous and loyal. They go far too soon. Love you.


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I'm so sorry if this reopens the wound but I love you and Buddy too much to not say how sorry I am to learn that he passed. Ginny let me know when it happened but this is my first time seeing the thread. He was an amazing boy. Always gorgeous and loyal. They go far too soon. Love you.
Thank you! The wound is still open so no worries.😪