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Making the switch to Raw


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Just an update: we’re on day 5 and the switch couldn’t of went any better. We’re delighted!
No issues and well, she’s loving it.
Her poops are considerably smaller and better formed, too :poop::thumbsup:

Also, on Kibble we found Tara would have a few days a week were she ate and regurgitated her food straight away. After eating she would lower her head and expel her food with little effort :eek:
I’m hoping (fingers & toes crossed) that the switch to raw will now end this. Time will tell :)

So yeah, a really great start :thumbsup2:


We bought a fridge freezer for the garage. We looked at deep freezers but found you couldn't see everything easily without moving the stuff at bottom out of the way.
Also with a fridge freezer, we thaw Bella food in the fridge part, and use the rest of it ask a drinks chiller.

I think if you put it in garage or cold room, need to have one that can cope with colder outside temperatures.


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So we’ve learnt that’s she not a fan of duck! She’s wasn’t ill she just wouldn’t entertain it. Lol

She’s been trying out the meatballs from VOM....huge hit!
Bit of a poster girl, too!!!



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Duck is a bit on the greasy side, I wonder if it’s still too new to her? Try again after she adjusts, you never know. It’s certainly a good looking bowl of food with a great model!