Katyusha earned her CGC!

She/we passed without a hitch. She went straight into her first supervised therapy work with a group of about a dozen nursing home residents. She was vibing pretty strong when she actually got with them. Its like she just *knew* she could be a good part of their day and did what she could to contribute. She visited each person waiting for the event. I was surprised, given the age range of the residents, having a cropped eared Doberman was no issue at all. They sure loved asking more about her name, though🙂

She makes me proud every day. Today more so than average days.

Good girl, Katyusha.
That’s so fricking awesome!!!

Put in the hard work and training and get the pride and joy afterwards!!

I always said…one truly gets what they put in a Doberman.
Congratulations Katyusha!!! What a cool journey! I would be so excited to see a therapy doberman! Gilly is not cut out for that at all, so I think it's so impressive.
Thanks all! Our second of three supervised visits will be this coming Saturday at a memory care facility at 3 pm USA central time (GMT-5). We are both looking forward to it. I hope we will brighten the day for multiple people.
Yesterday's supervised visit was really nice for Katyusha and I and many of the memory care residents. She was specifically requested in a room where a whole family had gathered while dad was in hospice care but mom has always loved dogs and this would help her today. The mom really couldn't speak a language anymore but did vocalize in a more frequent pattern when she touched Katyusha. It was touching. Katyusha is really tall for a female Doberman (29 inches at the withers) but this is also the perfect height for her to lay her head on a seated person's lap or be stroked while a person is in a chair or wheelchair without the person needing to bend down or reach over. Its a perfect imperfection. I think we found her work/service opportunity.

I am very proud of this tall girl. If I was reading her correctly, she knew how she could help. Her third supervised visit is coming up Saturday Nov. 4th. If that goes well, we can go on our own and reach out to local places that might want to have a therapy dog come help twice a month or so.
What a perfect occupation! Dobermans are so good at empathy with their owners that it is great if they can spread that healing touch wider.
Me thinks Katyusha needs a new thread on her amazing therapy work adventures!
Me thinks Katyusha needs a new thread on her amazing therapy work adventures!
I do want to do this. I can verbally tell stories for now. Later on, as it may become appropriate I may add photos or do her an instagram page. With more experience I can start to form relationships and see who is game for a photo to help spread the message that Dobermans can give love, and they really are not interested in eating anyone.

I will start a thread the next outing we make. Thanks for the suggestion!