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An in depth study of the Doberman Standard [AKC]

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Dobs4ever, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Dobs4ever

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    Front Gate:
    DP Front Gate.jpg

  2. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    Front gate 2:
    DP Front Gate2.jpg
  3. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    The front assembly has the most impact on the front movement. Study the shoulder layback, length of bones and balance as you go down the front legs - it all ties together to bring balanced, smooth and efficient movement. This is important so the dog can hold up for an extended period of time such as chasing game for food. The more efficient the movement the better chance they have of catching prey or aggressors. It is why they are a medium size breed and why the oversize is so wrong. They have to be quick, fast, and agile to run down their prey (man). Since in the courage test they launch off the ground during the attack, scale a 6 foot wall and a 39 inch high jump ... they need to be on the lighter side not the mastiff side. I am sure there are mastiffs that do it but I am sure it is not pretty or efficient and that it takes tremendous effort to accomplish.

    I will be interested to watch and see what the larger breeding of Euro do to the function of the dog in the future. It will do no good to have a good dog who can't function do to size whether too big or too small. A Standard to protect and preserve - Our standard is there for a purpose. To keep everyone from just breeding what they like. Can you imagine where the purebred concept would have gone without these standards to guide breeders into the next generations???

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    I have as ways liked pure bread dogs, you know for the most part what you're getting...that being said I'm not picture perfect, so if my Dobe has a "flaw" I'm ok with that...I don't want her talking trash at the dog park about me! LOL!:rofl:


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