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    Blaze and me doing some Obedience

    He's looking RIPPED! Super photos!
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    Vex working last summer

    Time DOES fly! But, I promise to get more Vex video and Jotunn when I can ;)
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    Vex working last summer

    Yes he is a Silence son and he's 6 (I can't believe it, where did baby Silence go????). Thank you guys! Once the move is complete I plan on training more as things in Indiana are starting to open back up now. He's got the heart of his dad with that extra something special from mom which...
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    Vex working last summer

    I am observing his level of comfort and body language when he is put under pressure. If he starts to show stress I come in and encourage him to continue to push forward to "stop the fight". This was the first time he did this scenario at all. I am always encouraging him to bite and to praise...
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    Yeah, I think I'd just have to kill him.
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    Doberman reputation

    With people and my dogs I just "stay in my lane" and focus on my own dog and route. How people react is on them and none of my business. Them being scared doesn't affect my lads or me or our good time out. I just walk on and ignore them completely, eventually the neighborhood calms down and...
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    Vex working last summer

    Here's a little video I put together for fun. I need to get more video of this dog! Sorry for radio silence on here, I am finishing my BFA this week and will be moving back to Indiana come the end of the month. It's been crazy!
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    Vet Appointments During Covid 19

    Ours has always stayed open. No contact appointments though, they walk out to collect the dog for his/her appointment. I'm taking Vex in next week (muzzled of course! Though he's never been a bad boy at the vet, this would be the first visit without me in the room.) Hope you can get in soon!
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    Goodbye Aria.

    I am so sorry for your loss...
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    Poster of Blaze

    Great shot!
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    APPDA video with Vex highlight!

    Yeah Vex doesn't like to quit the fight and is the only hangup I have (extra command always) but I'll eat the points on field for a dog who stays in the fight in those conditions. In the level two there are two bad guys. Vex is very sporty until you make it look like you'll get to me, I love...
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    APPDA video with Vex highlight!

    Haha, yeah its going to be black until I go full grey now, no more frying my hair lol. Thanks, my friend made this for the APPDA site and page, we needed an intro/promo video as we had none. :)
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    APPDA video with Vex highlight!

    Somewhere in the middle of the video is Vex doing a the "Protect my Business" scenario with the Boss ;) Excuse my excitement and praising haha!