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Dogtra ARC Handsfree remote trainer

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by jazzies mum, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    I am 100% pleased with this e collar! :thumbsup2: The receiver weight is probably about the same as most units but the way it is shaped means that it sits nicely to the side of the throat and doesn't need to be super tight to stay in place. I can easily fit two fingers inside the collar and it rarely moves from nicely behind the ears. Also there doesn't seem to be so much trouble with it being tighter sometimes and looser at others as there was with the webbing collar I had before. Still fairly noticeable as an e collar to those who know, but less likely to draw attention from most people in the general public. Jazz has good big earflaps that hang down as cammo! IMG_20190409_084708.jpg IMG_20190409_084623.jpg

    The transmitter is waterproof, as is the receiver, which is really useful. The system is so much easier to manage with the different modes all clearly placed in different places and the dial to change stim level not difficult to use in the heat of the moment. I like that the dial is placed where it is difficult to accidentally bump. At this time I am holding the transmitter in my hand with my thumb hovering over "nick" but an easy shift to "continuous". As we progress I will have it clipped on a belt and the hands free relay on my wrist. This will mean I can safely ride the bike without juggling the main transmitter. IMG_20190409_084832.jpg

    I tested the stim on my wet fingers and it was 22 before I felt the tingle. My previous unit seemed to deliver a thud, more like an electric fence even at the lowest setting. Jazz is reliably responding to level 10 out of 127! I can't even feel that! :woot2: I'll go into the story of how successful it has been in Jazzies progress thread, but I'll just say that she has attempted to chase just three times. It took level 60 to stop her the first time. 30 the second and just 10 on continuous on the third, where she just went 15ft before racing to my side! There is also vibrate as an alternative to stim, and I thought it would be gentler for teaching home boundaries. Jazz finds it very distressing so I am leaving that until later as an alternative to stim for chase situations. So, the proof of the pudding is that today there was a situation where several emus were charging through the bush with a dog, (Barney!), hunting them along.............and Jazz was intensely interested in it all, but made no attempt to join in when I asked her to stay with me! :thumbsup:
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