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    Biting and misbehaving?

    This is a joke, right?:D Or sarcasm?:D
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    6,5 months, keeps pissing in his crate

    Hi guys, So I'm about fed up with Ace still pissing in his f*cking crate (excuse the language). I'm bathing him 3 times a week because of this. We both work so he has to be crated during the day. This is the overall schedule (sometimes fluctuates) 1. 06:00 or 07:00 He gets to pee, eat and poop...
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    Park Day/Photo Bomb

    Thats really honest of you! Its not necessarily the exhaustion thats the problem, its the body structure. They have a lot of growing to do and their skeleton isnt built for such trials when theyre young. They might develop problems later on. But others on this forum know way more about that...
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    Park Day/Photo Bomb

    You should be proud, they look so great together! But I have to ask, you said she only had to take a few breaks. How long did you let her walk on end? Youngsters shouldnt walk more than their age in weeks, in minutes, on end. So 8 weeks is 8 minutes and then a good break. I'm sure you have her...
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    Park Day/Photo Bomb

    She probably did Theyre adorable!
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    Soon to be new Doberman Owner :)

    Looks great! Def good for the first period. However they groot out of this really fast and they like to feel safe and a smaller space makes them feel more secure. You could try a normal crate and put a divider in it?! Thats how we did it. And I wouldnt give her a place to relieve herself at...
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    Soon to be new Doberman Owner :)

    Someone said this to me too, I thought it was a joke. It's not...................... do it.......
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    Retained puppy teeth

    Same problem here. Ive been told to wait with panicking untill theyre all the way through and the babyteeth are still there. So I guess thats what im gonna have to do :)
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    Doberman feet markings

    Well, oopsie:D
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    Corner teeth don't come out

    Hi guys, so a few days ago I posted that Ace his corner teeth arent coming through and he is 6.5 months now. Well... I just saw his big teeth coming through a little bit. The baby teeth are still really stuck. When should I worry? When the big teeth are all the way through and the little ones...
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    It's a Dobie thing!

    No Ace has a nub too! Yes sounds familie!
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    It's a Dobie thing!

    I didnt read the whole topic but does it sound familiar when I say that Ace doesnt wag his tail a lot? He does act happy, dances around and comes cuddling enthousiasticly but he doesnt wag his little tail often. Maybe once a day, if not less. Is it a Dobie thing?
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    Ragnar at AKC Advanced Obedience

    I never really thought of that. You make it sound really cool to live here, thanks:D:p
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    Food Switch Update!

    Wow thats great! That asks for a before and after pic if you have any!
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    Ragnar at AKC Advanced Obedience

    Wow he's doing really really good, and so are you! He isn't doing this by himself, you're obviously teaching him well, don't forget that. Also I love the name Ragnar. Great show, can't wait for next season! Although the show went a little bit downhill for us when Ragnar got sick...