Ripley from day one, and still, is like she took two shots of espresso and then drank a red bull to chase it down.
LOL From what I understand a lot of that comes from their daddy too.

Some days I think Phoebe is channeling through to Elroy "don't forget to get into this or that". He never, ever touched the calculator or glasses on my desk until just recently and those were things she just couldn't leave alone either.
Breakaway flea collars. They've been on topical drops and the fleas around here are apparently resistant to it 😡#$&! so we were dealing with that for a hot week. Happened around the time it warmed up here and the neighbors "crusty white dogs" kept running over here right up to our fence to bark at our dogs. Pretty sure they shared their friends/hitchhikers with Rip and Rev. 🤦‍♀️ The vet said they don't even carry topical drops anymore because the fleas around here are resistant to it more times than not so we went with the 8 month long flea collar over having them ingest something... it's been doing a great job though! Started out with finding a flea or two on the dogs and soon as I did we were vacuuming every surface, dawn dish soap bathing the animals, flea combing, washing blankets daily while giving the collar a chance to release treatment over their skin. Never in my life of owning dogs have I ever had to deal with fleas! Thank God we were swift about dealing with it before it ever got a chance to get out of control. Still exhausting 🤣 but glad it's over almost as quickly as it came.
Well that's scary! Like you, I have never dealt with fleas! And I don't want to! I had a friend a few years back that had them by the thousands in her garage where she kept some indoor cats. Yes, she never used her garage for her car! LOL But she heats and air conditions it for her animals! LOL Anyway it just got inundated with fleas. I never in my life had seen that! I actually went in there one time to see and she had laid down large white poster board so that she can see them against the white paper. And all you heard was the jumping of the fleas on the paper! :pullhair: I beat it out of there so fast! :sonic:Terrified that I was bringing some home. She had a hard time getting rid of them. Scared the hell out of me.

Back on topic, your dogs are gorgeous! ❤️. I laughed out loud at the head in the couch! lol
Well, Ripley can no longer see over Revel. Man, that went by quick! The next set of pics will have to be him behind her! They are almost the same size, he is slightly shorter than her and weighs about 10lbs less as of last week. These pics are from then.


She so funny. Didn't prompt her to do anything!



I have caught myself a few times doing a double take at Ripley thinking it was him in the room with me. Then I see her ears aren't posted and realize, that's not Revel! Gosh! Thankfully that won't last long when he outgrows her. 😁
I forgot to post these from a few weeks ago! 6 months old.

Peek a boo

Yoda ears and a smirk

He's taller than her now (a few weeks later from these pics) but doesn't quite weigh as much yet so he looks like a lot of leg, lol. I'll have to weigh him today and post in the puppy weight thread.
Such a good looking pair!

It is interesting to see how their ears were cropped a bit different. I would say Revel has the more pronounced fwip that I see on Rubies ears!
It is interesting to see how their ears were cropped a bit different.
It is! Same crop vet. I asked their breeder about their ears and she said every ear is different. One thing about Revel's ear is there is a little bump out on his left ear. I'm sure that was very minor/unnoticeable at 7 weeks. It happens. If you look long enough one of Ripley's ears is longer than the other.
I would say Revel has the more pronounced fwip that I see on Rubies ears!
I think some of that is angle of the picture and the fact his ears aren't done yet. The longer I post, the more straight they get and those fwips seem to lessen? Some vets do seem to put a really stylized curve at the tip! I do think Revel has a little more than Ripley like you're saying.

To show Ripley's fwip when she was younger. (4 months) OMG why don't they stay this cute forever?!

a week later...

Revel later that day of the above pics (his ears got more straight as time went on during the day)
I am especially fond of the tongue out photo.
I think its my favorite too. :wacky:

Edit: I just realized one of the first pictures he was doing the same thing :D
Enjoying ALL of your photos! Funny as I scroll through the thread; at first Ripley had a concerned face with if waiting for you to take him away so she can be an only dog again :tearsofjoy:
Now that he is bigger she looks right at home with him, as if he has always been there!
as if waiting for you to take him away so she can be an only dog again :tearsofjoy:
I think some days she still wonders that LOL. I swear she'll look at me like that when he's being a brat. She wonders what we did with her girlfriend Rowynn (that we were fostering/training for our breeder) and why did we trade her for this stinky boy!

as if he has always been there!
Other days she's like "I guess he's alright" and beats him up. :rofl:
So many awesome shots! I love the different looks they give off. There really is so much personality in their eyes. My fave is the peek a boo pic. As I scrolled to that pic, it was like a two-headed Doberman! 😄 Can't believe he is now bigger than Rip. It was going to happen anyway, but it went so fast!