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Featured Is a Doberman Pinscher right for you?

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by FredC, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Maly

    Maly New Member

    All right on. I didn't pick the breed. Dobermans chose me. I was raised with German Shepherds, but heard a lot of horror stories about Dobermans growing up. I never saw any as a kid, but my idea was their owners were maniacs who'd sic their dogs on a person and rip his arms and legs off.

    The first Dobie I saw was at a shelter. I wasn't looking for a dog at the time, just visiting regularly. Every day I'd walk away from her. She'd howl and howl like her heart was breaking. I finally decided to take her home because no one else was. After her, I was hooked. My last Dobie was a blue male. I lost him to cancer 15 years and still cry over how much I miss him.

    Finally, I have a Dobie puppy and I feel like me again.

    If I were to meet a first timer, I'd really suggest obedience classes. That's how I came to understand my first Dobe. Seeing how she worked versus the other dogs, the labs and basset hounds, oh wow what a difference. In school, I was the nerdy kid in the front row right across from the teacher. I think of Dobermans like that too. None of them will be sitting at the back of the classroom cracking jokes while the teacher's writing on the board.

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  2. Polskadot

    Polskadot New Member

    Mars is my first Doberman but he is not my first experience with the breed. My oldest son has been with the same in-home daycare provider since he was 2 months old. She has two dobies. They are the sweetest dogs I had ever met. I formed an immediate bond with their male black and tan, Rock. My oldest is now 4 and my youngest is 11 months and I trust those dogs fully around my boys. I have been obsessed with dobes ever since and I kept vowing I was going to steal Rock from my babysitter. I finally convinced my husband to let me get a baby daub and I brought home my Red and rust boy, Mars. I have another dog, an American Eskimo mix named Nanook, who is nearly 11 and she puts up with him, but puts him in his place. She is far more patient than i thought she would be.

    Mars is just about 14 weeks old and he is such a handful! I'm by myself when I get home from work with the boys until about 3am when my hubby gets home, so I have a lot on my plate. A toddler, an infant, a cranky old dog, and my puppy. I'm apparently a glutton for punishment. I don't know if he truly is the best fit for us right now, but he's here, I love him and he's not going anywhere. He stays by me, doesn't leave the yard (much) and offleash, and is ridiculously intelligent. He's a great, crazy boy who likes to be by me all the time. The perfect velcro boy.
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  3. ChiDobe

    ChiDobe Jr Member

    AMEN!! I felt exactly the same way, the first few months were really hard, even when we began training. The first truly joyful, eye-watering moment I experienced with him was when I had completed his off-leash training, and I was able to let him run around in the park completely free (with e-collar, of course) for the first time. It was pure bliss :) That was right around 8 months; he's 18 months now and I'm so madly in love with this boy.

    I do, however, have to respectfully disagree with a statement from the original post: "This is an energetic breed and life in an apartment is not the best setting for a Dobe." We live in a 2bd apartment in downtown Chicago, and Miko gets more stimulation and exercise than nearly every average suburban dog. When he's not at the dog park, playing in Lake Michigan at the dog beach, or meeting up with fellow dog friends for a play date, he's chasing rabbits and squirrels and running around off leash in the huge park behind our building every day. He's constantly meeting new people, new dogs, and experiencing new environments and smells. We took him to my parents' house for Christmas last year for a week, thinking he'd love their massive back yard, and all he did was sit on the porch and whine/cry because he just wanted to be inside with us Just had to stick up for all the city dogs out there!
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  4. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    You are very right there. As long as they get sufficient exercise, training and mental stimulation I don't think your living quarters make much of a difference.

    I do think we need some updated pics though. ;)
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  5. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Yes, with my first Dobe (so obviously I was a new Dobe owner) I lived in a number of different apartments. They can handle it just fine if you give them nice daily walks and mental stimulation.

    I think that "not an apartment dog" mantra is just a blanket statement geared toward covering the irresponsible.
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  6. sky

    sky Lurking Member

    Hi i am lost with A question i got a dog but some says it's a dobe some says it's a cross breed with a rotie and dobe how can i be sure? Help

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  7. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    @sky - Please do not post your question in multiple threads, especially older threads. I moved your posts to a new thread of your own, you can find it here (Is my dog purebred? I want to breed.). Thanks :)
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  8. Eltoroloco

    Eltoroloco Novitiate

    I cannot imagine a better dog. But I know I said this in the past about all my dogs Haha!
    I got ours when my son was just 7. Living in a big house just the 2 of us, I wanted protection. I know could have just put the doberman warning on the house I guess... But he is a great friend, a play buddy, my son's best friend and incredible companion. He adopts well to whatever we do and he seems pretty happy in all situations. Easy going if you ask me. Maybe a little stubborn but incredibly smart and trainable, even still at age 7 he learns new things. Obedient beyond words and he is always eager to please me.
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    GOD'S GRACE Notable member

    THE PROBLEM DOESN'T START WITH YOUR DOG...those of us who have been dog lovers have known a TWO facts for years...The first fact is some dogs are like kids who never leave home or grow up...Secondly, we know some people never research the breed they are choosing for a forever friend...(lower your expectations and understand the breed, both you and your friend will live happy forever)... thus ends the lesson. ;-)
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  10. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Hot Topics Subscriber

    I am smitten with the breed too, but they can challenge you! If you persist past the puppy stuff though, there is pure gold, and it is early days for me as Jazz is just 13 months. Just lately she is delighting me with her growing willingness to please, and almost intuitive grasp of what is required of her. It was her assertive nature that had me flummoxed in the beginning as I had never encountered this to such a degree with any other dog I've lived with, and getting the balance right with being firm enough without being harsh was a learning curve off it's own! We now respect each other, and I try to make sure that I take time to work out WHY she might be doing something undesired, apologise when I get it wrong, and expect the same apology from her if she has messed up, and mostly get it these days. She is, after all, a Doberperson! Love them!
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  11. Patti Ann

    Patti Ann Novitiate

    I did all the research on dobes when my 12yo golden retriever passed. I was heartbroken and wanted another companion, guardian, friend, and another barking alarm (besides my Chihuahuas and my daughter's 11yo pittbull.who btw is afraid of my chis.)
    But I wanted a breed completely different in appearances and personalities as a canine could be, but still a dog with great intelligence and ease of trainability. I came across an article where A dobe was referred to as "Velcro Dogs" I was sold. 6months of research later HIDALGO (Spanish for gentleman) was welcomed home. There is not a thing anyone can do or try that will keep that best friend of mine from my side. We hike often, we love to stroll in the local creek, and we love -love- love long car rides. HIDALGO is now 1year and 3weeks old and weighs in at whopping 110lbs and still growing. The vets have us holding off on neutering because of the growth hormones released after. As a European Dobermann I wasn't expecting such a mush. He is the greatest hugger ever. I'm bruised and scratched from head to toe since at 5'5", I am already shorter than him when he's on his hind legs, but every ache pain and scar is worth it a thousand times over because I love him more then I could've imagined. He's goofy when he sees I'm down. Serene when life gets noisy. Most of all he's definitely what I needed most my friend, my baby, my pooper.
    Thanks to his size and and stance he's an ex husband deterent. No more knocking neighbors, no more whining family members, no more johovahs witnessas. In fact not a soul has rang my doorbell for months now. The mailman throws packages Over the hedges and hightails it away from fence...i love it .i.i just hope I can be the best human my Dobermann deserves and thinks I am.
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  12. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    :spit: That's hysterical but I get it!! I did see a Jehovah Witness leave my property once without knocking when they saw Buddy. :whistle::thumbsup: But our mailman loves animals and he and my dogs (I have a Chi mix too) are best buds! In fact, twice, Kali (my Chi mix) snuck past me out of the house to greet him!! Of course, she loves everybody. :rolleyes:

    You got yourself a real Pal now! Dobermans are the best!
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  13. Eber

    Eber Novitiate

    My Doberman is my first dog ever. I thought I could never train a Doberman, and it's too complicated but I'm happy that my boyfriend said that there are no other breed options and I can do it. Also, I was terrified I couldn't be enough "alpha" for the dog, but there haven't been any issues with that. In the beginning, the breeder said that everything needs to be black and white with this breed and I have followed that. If something is no, then it will be no forever and opposite. When I was a child, there was very aggressive Doberman in the neighbor, so I thought they are all like that. I'm amazed at how easy they are to train if you just make some effort. The first year was the most difficult, but it was because my Dobie had so much energy and my boy really tried where his limits are. This is not the right breed if you don't like your dog being on your side 24/7. More work than I could ever imagine, but now I'm happy being the crazy dog lady hahaha. Mine is super gentle, feels like he understands what I speak to him, will protect me if needed, very adaptable, learns quickly in a good and bad. I couldn't imagine any other breed. I am very proud Doberman owner!
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  14. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    You said it all very well right there!
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  15. Skb

    Skb Hot Topics Subscriber

    Question for all you experienced doberman owners. Is the dobie the highest energy dog you have owned? Higher then a Weimaraner or German Shorthair pointer? I have read that the Belgian Malinois is so high energy and has such a high work need that they are not recommended as pets. How does a dobie compare?
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  16. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Great question.

    The Doberman is the only breed I've owned as an adult.

    I honestly don't know for sure if Dobes are higher energy than Weims, GSPs and others like that. I do know the Mal is known for it. If I had to proffer a guess, I'd say Dobes might be higher energy than those except for the Mal. That said, it of course varies within a breed. The lines make a huge difference as well. My last two Dobes have been working Dobes and I honestly believe they should be a sort of subset or variant of the breed. Those working titles behind them really do show. Phew.

    I could easily see it being the case that a Malinois from show lines might be more mellow that a Doberman from working lines.

    Speaking of all this: One thing that confounds me is why and how some of the high energy breeds are, and have been for several years now, trendy breeds to own for the younger working professional or hipster set. Makes no sense that the Visla, the Weimaranner, the Boxer are so popular as pets! I wonder if the Doberman will become part of that list, or if its legendary (largely false) bad reputation will always keep it from being a trendy pet.

    When it comes to Boxers, I think the vast majority of them are from shelters or rescue organizations. I wonder if that's the case with the other two breeds. For some reason, I tend to assume when I sees a Visla or Weim it has been purchased from a breeder.

  17. Skb

    Skb Hot Topics Subscriber

    I think the high energy thing is why so many of these breeds end up in shelters. People dont understand until you live with it.
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  18. Skb

    Skb Hot Topics Subscriber

  19. Skb

    Skb Hot Topics Subscriber

    Of all the dobies you have owned have they all been super high energy? Any more mellow then others? What were their different personalities?
  20. Skb

    Skb Hot Topics Subscriber

    My boy Skynyrd is my first dobie. Either I got real lucky or he is not a true doberman! Lol
    He is pretty mellow. We go running/hiking every morning for about an hour or more but after that he is pretty chill. He might get the zoomies later in the night but that's about it.
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