Incredible work by this team

I wouldn't have ever guessed that. But my housemate's Dutch - I've never seen so much hair in my life. Dobes shed, but it doesn't float and fluff everywhere, just migrates to the edges and stays there.

My ex had a standard poodle. Awesome dog. If you shaved one down and did a silhouette of one next to a Doberman their physical self is almost identical. The biggest difference I found was that with the poodle you could just suggest a command and it would be done. My Doberman had to be told. If he ended the command in a ? or too softly, she'd just ignore him. If he acted serious, she'd be just as perfect as his poodle.
Poodles are very smart, but train very differently than Dobermans. They are much softer in temperament and don’t have near the muscular build. They can have nice drive but not with the intensity that the Doberman can bring. Picasso and the other poodles I have had in my classes do very well, but are easily distracted and want to be social. If they get a laugh in class when being bad or acting silly it will become a huge game, then will shut down if corrected for it, even if it is a small correction. Most have plenty of drive to bring back but they are just more temperamental in my experience.