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How tall and heavy should a German Doberman be at 7 months

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Rocky6527, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Rocky6527

    Rocky6527 New Member

    Ok so I just continue feeding what I feed him right

  2. Doberman Gang

    Doberman Gang Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yes, I believe we were feeding 2 cups 3times a day until around 8-9 months then we switched to 2 cups twice a day. Then at a year 1 cup twice a day. But it is different for each dog. Blaze will be 3 in November and still gets 2 cups twice a day and I have a hard time keeping weight on him. He is extremely high drive and active always going 100 miles an hour. Prada is pretty strictly 1 cup twice a day or she will start getting chunky. Redman gets a little more than her but he is 10 and retired from training and competing so we let him have a little more food. He is 27 1/2” tall and weighs around 82 pounds. Prada is 28” tall and weighs 76-78 pounds. Blaze is 28” tall and is between 84-88 pounds.
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  3. Rocky6527

    Rocky6527 New Member

    Yeah he’s really active and if we skip a meal(when we go for long drives so he does not vomit)he gets pretty thin and we can see his ribs. So he is very sensitive with food

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