Dobermann advice


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They are all different even within the breed. I would def say Rotties are easier, not as high energy and not as demanding. A friend of mine had working rotts and use to joke they could attack an intruder and be asleep at the fireplace by the time the cops got there. Easy off switch, nothing happening? asleep & snoring, content to be still. Dobes seem to never have enough action and have to be told to settle for at least the first 2 years.
One of the rottie forum members had both Dobes and Rotties and she said the same that Rotties are less active and less demanding and overall are easier so better to go for from a lab


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Hi , new here

I have always had Labradors ive owned 4 over 20yrs and i still adore the breed but my last labrador Hugo was my soul dog he was everything to me and i lost him last year and am only just ready to start planning for my next dog but i can't bring myself to have another lab and so am considering a Dobermann but before i commit to the breed or even meet the breed i want to be certain i am right for a Dobermann as i tend to listen to my heart more than my head and I'll fall in love with the breed even if there not for me so before i go ahead and meet them i wanted to get advice first.

I live alone and i do work full time 9-5pm , all my labs were happy with this , i would walk them in the moring ( i didn't have 4 at once i had my first and second as solo dogs third and fourth were together) before work them all were happy to be on there own for 4hrs when a dog walker came in and took them out for over an hour and then there on there own for a further 3hrs until im home and they had an evening walk as well.

I am lucky that im off 3 months in the year and always got a pup around that time and spent all 3 months working hard on bonding and training and socialization and then once i went back to work when the pup is 5 months i had a mix of help through my dog walker friend who would dog sit and a good doggy daycare until pup was old enough and well socialized enough to be walked for more than 1hr and then i dropped the doggy daycare and the dog walker took over.

All my labs were fine with this and all were happy but my labs ( for any american friends here mine are showlines or what you call english type) were showlines and i always picked the chilled out pup and its always worked but labs i feel are more laid back than Dobes when it comes to needing a "job". My labs all got plenty of mental stimulation but my impression is from books that Dobes need more and are not as easy going as labs.

I wanted to ask your opinion on if Dobes do need more than a lab?

By more i mean brain game toys are not enough and they need to do somthing like agility or tracking everyday? I am interested in both agility and tracking but can do it every day i can only do it on my 3 days off the other 4 days will be brain game toys , plenty of play and i can do obedience training to help tire his mind.

Would this be enough?

Also i know dobes dont do well with same sex dogs but if the Dobe puppy was brought up around another male can it work? Next door has a male Golden who is amazing with other dogs including other boys and he is very calm and patient with other dogs.

And finally how barky are dobermanns? I have read mixed things on this some say they only bark for a reason and others say there as barky as a German shepherd.

I ask as i suffer from a condition called tinnitus and loud noises make it worse including dog barking. Im fine with short term barking by this i mean my Tinnitus can handle a dog barking at someone at the door ect as long as the dog quitens down .

All my labradors only barked at someone at the door or a cat in the garden , apart from that i never heard them there were quiet dogs. I know Dobes can be vocal but im only interested in the barking side of things as other vocalizations are ok its just the barking , I want to know how quiet\ Barky is your Dobermann and could i teach a Dobe to be quiet so my tinnitus doesn't go worse?

Sorry for such a long post just want to get as much info as i can

A dobe will definitely need more physical exercise than a lab. Walks won't tire out a young dobe either, frankly. Just plan on getting in an hour of something before your 9-5. Let them run. Some say don't let puppies run too much but I think natural running on grass is fine for any age. Flirt pole is good too, you can tire out a dog in 10 minutes, but it's not, in my experience, quite the same, they recharge quickly, letting them run is better. And don't just make it "play" all the time, incorporate structure and training. And especially when young yes you will need a walker or friend at least once, we had walkers twice a day in this situation.

They will calm down after a yearish. Barking is hard to say, ours wasn't too terrible, we have a dutchie that's way way worse. But they ARE LOUD, dobes, when they bark. Thunderous really...

Just from my own recent experience with one who is two y/o now. Others have been around many more than myself though.

Also, she's a bitch and is not nice to other bitches. Period. She won't fight or anything but she will let other females know she's the alpha bitch. Lol. But she bullies males too, in a playful way. There's def a difference.