All Doberman calendar contest entry thread

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Jan, can I change my entry? I'd like to keep the Doberbutts picture (because it makes me laugh all the time), but I think I have better pics for the other two. If possible, I'd like to switch those out for these two more recent pictures:

Here's happy, happy Simon. Who'd have thought adopting an eight year old would be so incredibly rewarding?


And here's Shanoa's entry. A tired girl is a happy girl :)



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I wanted to get a couple in for Boris, in remembrance of our beautiful boy. (not eligible for prizes)
Edit: changed my first pic since I like this one better.

Looking sweet
Cocking head Aug 24 10 sized.jpg

Proud in his new shotgun collar.
SG collar outside 2 Jan 12 10 sized.jpg

Enjoying the summer sun
Laying on deck with Della 2 July 20 10 sized.jpg


  • Running in snow Nov 23 10 cropped.jpg
    Running in snow Nov 23 10 cropped.jpg
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