1. T

    Reputable breeder East Coast + fence question?

    Hi all! New to dobe-chat! Many forums out there are very upset when the same question gets asked, but with the pandemic, it seems as if everyone either has stopped responding to calls or doesn’t update anything on their sites anymore. Im located out of New York but am willing to travel pretty...
  2. N

    Puppy won’t cuddle with us

    Hi! I am a first time Doberman owner. Our puppy is about 14 weeks old and he won’t cuddle with us. When he gets tired his biting get so bad that we end up just putting him in the crate for nap time. It’s almost like he doesn’t have an off switch with us. Is this normal and will he ever want to...
  3. L

    Reoccurring UTI

    Hey everyone! I have a 6 1/2 month old (63 Lbs) male red and rust, I got him from a very reputable breeder, and he is AKC registered. Since he was about 2.5-3 months old he has been getting a UTI every 2-3 weeks and no amount of or different antibiotics will take it away for an extended period...
  4. Jackiegarcia1


    Hi everyone! I have a 10 month old puppy, his names Prince he’s the first Doberman I’ve ever owned and honestly best dog I’ve ever had he’s amazing in every way! He’s super friendly with people and dogs, and greets everyone as a happy pup! Thanks to socializing when I very first got him! He’s...
  5. Jackiegarcia1

    White hairs on puppy

    Hi I’m wondering if this has happened to anybody else or if it’s a bad thing. My 10 month old puppy (black/rust) has a few white hairs near his ears. They are not noticeable at all only when you are all up in his face… he only 6 white strands of hair. But I just find it odd ? Since he is...
  6. Shadowthedobi

    Is my puppy too Thin? And am I feeding him the right amount for his age?

    Hello everyone, My pups name is Shadow he is 4 months 1 week. I am feeding him Purina pro plan Large breed right now. 1 1/4 cups , 3 times daily I feel like he is too thin. Should I up the amount of food ? I am also going to be switching him to the Purina pro plan sensitive stomach &...
  7. Sage024

    Is an e collar too much?

    Hey again, thank you for all the advice so far! Some context (skip this paragraph if you want to get straight to the question): Kanda is 8 months old tomorrow and doing alright. He is no longer going to day care or dog parks for the foreseeable future and we are locking down on training. We...
  8. Sage024

    Socialization and exercise for intact pup?

    Hey all! Thanks so much for your help so far, I’m so glad I found this forum. My boy is 7 months and will be 8 months on Jan 6th. He’s been going to daycare 2x a week since he was 5 months. He’ll have to stop going soon, as they have a rule that puppies 8 months and older must be neutered. I...
  9. Sage024

    7 month old male is really testing me

    I’m a first time dog owner and a first time dobie owner. I adopted my euro boy at 4 months old and he is now 7 months. I did so much research prior to adopting him but oh my lord I feel like I am failing. He is really testing me lately. He knows his basic commands (sit, stay, come, lay down, go...
  10. L

    ADVISE PLEASE!!!! Puppy non-stop biting

    Hi, so I adopted a Doberman puppy at 8 weeks and he is now 14 weeks. When we got him, I realized he had a biting problem. Any time we tried to play with him or even just pet him, he would try to nibble/bite our hands and feet. We figured we would discipline him and he would get over the issue...
  11. RosietheDobie

    7mo Doberman-Leaving the House Help!

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and to owning a Doberman. I know they are wonderful, smart, and loyal dogs. I recently adopted a 7mo old female, red/tan doberman named Rosie. She is the absolute sweetest. I've only had her a week and she already is great at sleeping in a crate overnight without...
  12. chrisgray1497

    Ear Posting specialist in NJ

    Hi, I'm in New Jersey looking for a cropping specialist to post my puppy's ears. We've followed all the online videos for the last 2 months without much success. Our puppy get's the posts off within 1-3 days. We've tried coning him, dog shoes. No matter what we do he removes the posts. We really...
  13. Momtogytha

    My Gytha has been acting very sullen. Im a bit worried. Need some guidance!

    So Gytha is my 6 month old Dobbie pup, who is a firecracker. Shes super active, jolly and LOVES play to a point that sometimes exhausts us lol. She normally doesn't get scared easily either. But for the past 4 days we have been having some construction going on in my bathroom which is attached...
  14. H

    ear cropping care

    hello , i hope you guys dont kick me out but i can t find any forums for my dogs i hve a 10 week presa canario she had her ears cropped and breeder is telling me to stretch her ears while the sutures are in and i just dont feel comfortable doing that bc i cant imagine the pain she will be...
  15. newdobermandad

    New Puppy and I am paranoid

    Hi guys, New to this Forum. I just purchsed a female Doberman puppy from Craigslist. Yes, I know, gross, you hate me. However, adoption was made too bureaucratic for me and I have not heard back from them. I couldn't afford a 3k dog, and I've had Dobermans before. Anyway, the puppy seems...
  16. E

    1st time ear posting

    Hello this is my 1st doberman. I am not sure if I am posting her ears right. I have tried ziptie but I don't think she is getting enough bell support. So I did the baker rod not sure if I did it right.
  17. A

    Puppy Allergic reaction - Puppy Strangles

    Hello everyone, I just recently adopted a Doberman male puppy named Toby. He is almost 9 weeks old and just began his vaccination a few days ago. Shortly after, he got a serious allergic reaction around his muzzle, at the vet they gave him an antibiotic(Dex sp) and anti-inflammatory...
  18. C

    Elite dobermans uk

    hi im buying a doberman this summer and ive seen some good looking puppies at elite dobermans uk does anyone haver any experience with them or got a dog from them because i cant seem to find any reviews but they look legit and have a good price get back to me thanks
  19. K

    Breeders in the US - Near AZ

    Hi I’m looking for a breeder in Arizona or a breeder near az or one that can transport. Specifically looking for a male puppy as I currently have a female. I’m looking for a dog for a companion family dog. Mostly will be doing obedience at home. Also would like to have a dog that is a good...
  20. Doberman1994


    All is well with Alita beside being a land shark and jumping and biting my kids. She is still very skittish when I try to take her for walks and last 10 min top. She then just sits and wont budge or if a dog barks inside a house she lays down all scared. I did take her with a friend and his dog...