1. HBomb

    Grain free, raw?

    So I know about the connections with grain free and DCM in Dobermann’s.. so what is the rule with a raw diet? Never see it mentioned.. I was thinking if I need to include a grain, sprouted barley could be a good choice. But I just can’t find any supporting info about grain free, raw for Dobes or...
  2. Rits

    DCM Due to Diet - FDA UPDATE 6/27/19

    FDA UPDATE: 6/27/19 FDA Investigates Potential Link Between Diet & Heart Disease in Dogs ___________________________________________________ Original Post: June 21 2017 Sharing this post from the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study group (a lifetime study on 3,000 golden retrievers to learn more...
  3. Prushanks

    New Food for Miesha!

    It's no secret that i have been on the GI roller coaster with my girl from the very start. Through developed sensitivities, indiscriminate eating, 10 ingested SOCKS (and counting..), and a Hubby who thinks fancy expensive dog food is an unnecessary waste of money -- i have finally gotten Miesha...