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    Derpy photos!

    Haven’t posted Haku in awhile so here’s some updated derpy photos aha
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    Let's see puppy update pics!

    Enjoying the nicer weather :)
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    Haku has a new friend!

    They played again today:) did much better. The corgi maxwell grew a lot since. Haku still Dosent know his size lol but he’s always a very good boy when it comes to playing nicely just a big goof.
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    Haku has a new friend!

    nooo :( sadly they haven’t visited since we both been busy with work and they have been going to puppy classes lol I do have to get them together again soon when I do I’ll post some pictures !
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    Best Soft Side or Portable Crate? We have this one, we haven’t had any problems with it and has worked well for us for our travels to cottages/parents houses ect every now and then. Only...
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    Derpy photos!

    Updated derpy photos lol
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    Haku has a new friend!

    Haku got to meet our friends new corgi puppy last night! He did so good and played to gentle with him. The corgi was scared and shy at first but after awhile he gained his confidence and started playing with Haku. Seeing how happy Haku was with a another dog in the home made me really want a...
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    Dog parks

    I have a small backyard but it’s not fenced. So we take him to run at the soccer Felid by our house. With an ecollar incase of emergency and we go at around 10-11 at night so no ones up. This morning my boyfriend was walking Haku and a man standing on his front lawn with his dog (he lived right...
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    The 2020 Doberman Chat calendars are ready

    Wow thanks so much! I will be purchasing one for sure! Haku picture is for March which is awesome because he was born March 4th aha!:)
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    Congratulations to our calendar contest winners!!!

    We just received our beautiful prize. Here’s Haku in his new raincoat !:) thank you guys again! I couldn’t be more grateful
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    Is Haku getting fat?

    yaa I think he’s gotten a bit bigger cause we have fed the same amount of food but not as much exercise as before due to the weather and winter season. So we should probably start lowering his food portions since he’s being a potato during bad weather and that makes sense for her! Every dog is...
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    Is Haku getting fat?

    I’d say his ribs I can see rarely and only when he moves or lays a certain way. Lol but his tummy still tucks so that’s good
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    Is Haku getting fat?

    Lol as the title says xP I’m worried Haku is getting a little tooo chunky Turned 9 months this month. I haven’t weighed him in awhile but I’m assuming that he’s around 85pounds or a bit more
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    Bonding pictures

    aha right? As much as I miss the daily cuddles the odd one every now and then becomes much more special. I think he just hates body heat and gets too hot to be honest aha xP
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    Random Photo of the Day - 2019 - post yours!

    Hakus first Christmas! We put up the tree last weekend! First thing he did was try and pee on it :facepalm: