Zonas tape for ear posting


I just ordered some zonas tape online after seeing people say it’s really useful with ear postings. Just wondering what you guys think of it? Or if there is any other tape you recommend. All the athletic tape I get from the store seem to always unravel in a day or two! We have been using a little tiny bit of torbot on the tape’s end just so it doesn’t unravel.


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Zonas for sure. And if this is your first time posting, don't miss all the tutorials in the puppy section!


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I tape ankles for soccer, have plenty of athletic tape laying around. Thought I would be practical and use what I have. It was a disaster. Too bulky, wouldn’t stick, lumpy, etc...

Bit the bullet and bought a pack of Zonas and it was night and day. Smooth and solid postings.

Zonas- period.


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Kendall is the other option. I used that and had no issues but haven't used Zonas to compare. I think it runs a little cheaper too.