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When tomorrow starts without me

Discussion in 'Memorials' started by deladobies, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
    Author Unknown
    When tomorrow starts without me,
    And I'm not there to see;
    The sun will rise and find your eyes
    All filled with tears for me.
    I wish so much you wouldn't cry
    The way you did today,
    Remembering how I'd lay my head
    In your lap that special way.
    I know how much you love me,
    As much as I love you,
    And each time that you think of me,
    I know you'll miss me too.

    But when tomorrow starts without me.
    Please try to understand,
    That an angel came and called my name
    And petted me with her hand.
    She said my place was ready,
    In Heaven far above,
    And that I'd have to leave behind
    All those I dearly love.

    But, as I turned to heel away,
    A tear fell from my eye,
    For all my life I never thought
    That I would have to die.
    I had so much to live for,
    So many sits and downs to do,
    It seemed almost impossible,
    That I was leaving you.

    I thought about our lives together,
    I know you must be sad,
    I thought of all the love we shared,
    And all the fun we had.

    Remember how I'd nudge your hand,
    And poke you with my nose?
    The frisbee I would gladly chase,
    The bad guy, I'd "bark and hold".

    If I could relive yesterday,
    Just even for awhile,
    I'd wag my tail and kiss you,
    Just so I could see you smile.

    But, then I fully realized,
    That this could never be;
    For emptiness and memories
    Will take the place of me.
    And when I thought of treats and toys,
    I might miss come tomorrow,
    I thought of you and when I did,
    My dog-heart filled with sorrow.

    But then I walked through Heaven's gate,
    And felt so much at home;
    As God looked down and smiled at me,
    From His beautiful golden throne.
    He said, "This is eternity,
    And now we welcome you,
    Today your life on earth is past,
    But here it starts anew.

    I promise no tomorrow,
    But today will always last;
    For you see, each days's the same day,
    There's no longing for the past.
    Now you have been so faithful,
    So trusting, loyal and true;
    Though there were times you did things,
    You knew you shouldn't do.

    But good dogs are forgiven,
    And now at last you're free;
    So won't you sit here by my side,
    And wait right here with me?"
    So when tomorrow starts without me,
    Don't think we're far apart.
    For every time you think of me,
    I'm right there, in your heart.
    Sent to me by Bekye Walker
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  2. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    I sit her bawling inconsolably, glad the house is empty, so no one will see & hear. I still want my Hope back, I love her oh so much!! My heart breaks when I think how much she never got to do, how much we missed doing together,. We clkicked from the first Moment & were "perfect" for & to eachother. . How much I wish I'd know she was going to pass , so I could be by her side when that moment came...instead of her being all alone in an empty hospital.
    She is definitely in my heart. Forever.
  3. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    She was loved and that was the last thought on her mind I promise. I read all your post on "another board" and here... You did everything you could. Thats more then most people can say.

    "Even in death there is still HOPE"
  4. Damasyn

    Damasyn Novitiate

    And I thought I had no more water left in me ! Wrong ! Lovely. Hard to read when the loss is fresh and another in the hospital.
  5. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    so sorry for your struggles
  6. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    I pray things work out.

    And thanks, Dela. I know I tried, but there's always the "what ifs". I am just glad something MADE me go at 9:30 pm to say goodnight to her, even though no one else wanted me to go...and my daughter went but made faces at me for "talking to Hope like a kid". Ifg I had decided to stay home & not go give her that hug, kiss & goodnight because I was being lazy...I don't think I'd be able to cope. In a way I got my "goodbye" , altho I didn't know that's what it was...at the time. Hard to believe only 5 hours after tha, she was gone. *sob*
  7. Damasyn

    Damasyn Novitiate

    Maybe thats what she was waiting for too...your goodbye and she was ready. There is a phrase I know.... "If love alone could save you, you would never have to die" No doubt our animal know how much they are loved, so dont beat yourself up, She knew you loved her with all your heart. She couldnt have asked for anything more.
  8. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    This was so hard to read. But it serves as a good reminder that our time with our beloved companion animals is fleeting and that we need to charish every moment we have with them.
  9. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

    I would die if anything happened to my Zulu so I totally understand the loss of Hope. My biggest fear is him getting hit by a cab.
    If it ever happens, I will crush the driver.
    The end.
  10. DLS

    DLS Notable member

    Awesome Poem. thank you for posting it.
  11. Damasyn

    Damasyn Novitiate

    yup..super tough.. Here it is June ( 7 months gone by ) and I think about Tia every day! Still melt down and cry once a week. Let me tell ya Burly...you wait until you got 12 yrs on him. You think your attached and would lose your mind now, just wait. Even though I have put down horses, cats, and worked in vets office puttin all sorts down.. this was just hard ( and I though I was prepared ) Ah well, I gotta stop this ! dont wanna have a stuffed up nose all night.
  12. titan1

    titan1 Notable member

    You guys stink! Here I am a 220lb bodybuilder crying like a girl. My boy Titan is 9.5 and I think about it every week.
  13. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    Dan that just means that you are human, even at 220lbs, lol.

    Thank you for posting this Dela, I too am in tears have been very emotional today and this just makes me think of my first red pit girl and how much she changed my life, her time from me was taken way to soon and I know that Phoenix at almost 5 years won't be with me forever. I chersih every moment I have with him and the rest of the pack.
  14. hcm2009

    hcm2009 Novitiate

    Hi all!
    I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.
  15. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    Beautiful poem and MLR was right it is a good reminder to cherish the short time we have with our pets.

    Rachel maybe you were chosen for Hope because you were a perfect match and would insure Hope's short time on this earth would be the best that could be! And girl you came through for her!!
  16. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    oh damn, why had to read this so early in the morning....:(
  17. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    :sad0049: I saw this up today...was affraid it was a NEW loss (thank God it's not!!). Then I reread everything & am sitting here bawling all over again! Guess I'M gonna have a stuffy nose all day too. Thanks to everyone for the messages uof support I didn't see till now. Maybe that was why it popped back up. I was meant to see them.
    I STILL miss my Hopesie so much. I am beginning to worry what the 1 year anniversary is gonna be like. Hugs to you Kim, I know you're still hurting too.
  18. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    Oh, I knew I shouldn't have come here and read this this morning. I'm crying and thinking about Chloe's upcoming surgery and wondering what the future will be like when her time comes. I mean I know they don't live as long as us but it's like she's living on borrowed time right now.
  19. tatlim

    tatlim Jr Member

    my poor hubby, one minute i was perfectly ok, he looked again and im hysterical. We lost our lovely Boxer girl Molly at the beginning of May and i miss her every day. That poem was hard to read and it never gets any easier to lose a fur baby. Molly had cancer and i still beat myself up every day with the way we handled it trying to keep her alive for too long, not wanting to lose her. I hope she understands how much we love and miss her. xx Tina.
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  20. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    :hug: It will get easier but it will never go completely away. I think it took me two years to even look at a pic of my first Dobie!! Honest. And I can cry at the drop of a hat thinking of any of my lost furkids. Hang in there and just......cry. Nothing wrong with letting it out. And there's a lot of shoulders here.

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