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What People Don’t Know about HSUS’ Deception for $$$$

Discussion in 'Canine News/Informative Articles' started by petdefense, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. petdefense

    petdefense Guest


    It seems 90% of the public doesn’t understand Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and that is DUE to the wonderful emotional propaganda advertising done by HSUS who hires the very expensive ad agencies to design their eye candy, videos, stories, movie star thread stories, all in the name of HSUS saves “animals.” Sorry … Continue reading »[​IMG]

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  2. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Word is spreading, slowly but surely...
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  3. Jeremy Scott

    Jeremy Scott Novitiate

    Petdefense is a group representing the corporate interests of the animal abusers (puppy mills, factory farms, seal clubbers, fur industry, etc). They spread propaganda about HSUS and other animal protection groups who try to pass humane laws for animals. The corporate animal using industries would rather pay lobbyists millions to discredit HSUS, than invest in more humane conditions for animals.

    If the HSUS was not doing a good job, there would be no need for petdefense to spread lies and make up conspiracy theories about the HSUS. Because of HSUS backed anti-cruelty puppy mill legislation, thousands of puppy mills have closed across the country. Because of HSUS undercover videos, consumers are demanding better treatment for factory farmed animals.
    Berman and Company | Berman Exposed

    HSUS is not perfect, but they are most definitely improving lives of animals with legislation, their 6 state of the art sanctuaries and wildlife rehabs, giving millions of dollars each year to shelters and shelter related programs, adoption promotion ads, and national work rescuing animals from puppy mills, natural disasters, etc.

    Petdefense represents the most cruel and inhumane animal exploiters on the planet, and the worst of humanity.

    Jeremy Scott
    dog lover
  4. Raul

    Raul Novitiate

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  5. Jeremy Scott

    Jeremy Scott Novitiate

    About, SLAPP « Pet Defense
    Here is a Humane Watch video that is on the petdefense website. Humane Watch is an offshoot of The Center for Consumer Freedom, outed on 60 Minutes and other mainstream media for being front groups for corporate interests and using propaganda in their campaigns. There are many references to Humane Watch on this website, and much of the propaganda from these groups can be seen on petdefense.

    Readers can read for themselves about Humane Watch here
    HumaneWatch.org - SourceWatch
    Here is a Rachel Maddow video exposing Humane Watch as a fraud
    Rachel Maddow Exposes HumaneWatch as a Fraud ! video on CastTV Video Search
    and The Center for Consumer Freedom as a fraud here
    Center for Consumer Freedom - SourceWatch
    The Berman Exposed website is also chock full of information about how unethical these groups are - promoting corporate interests at the expense of public health, the animals and the environment.
    Even these groups names misrepresent who they are.

    I don't have evidence that they represent the worst of humanity - that is my opinion about those who think it's ok to confine an animal to the point he can't turn around and barely move, for his entire life. If you want more evidence, just google factory farm cruelty video or puppy mill cruelty video. Just make sure it's not on a full stomach.
  6. Liberty & Justice

    Liberty & Justice Formerly Sophia's Justice Hot Topics Subscriber

    It's unbelievable what is accomplished by marketing......... Thanks for posting this I hope some eyes are opened, I know mine were.
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  7. FredC

    FredC Guest

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  8. DocReverto

    DocReverto Formerly CRD

    Didn't you get the memo? It is always fox news or George Bush at fault.
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  9. Marinegeekswife

    Marinegeekswife Hot Topics Subscriber

    While HumaneWatch may not be 100% on the up-and-up I'd support them any day over HSUS. You got one major thing wrong, HSUS is NOT an animal welfare group they are an animal RIGHTS group. They have tried to pass multiple laws that on the outside appear to be for the benefit of animals, things like getting rid of puppy mills. But what you're missing is that they also try to sneak it more subversive laws that would severely impact farmers, ranchers, and people like responsible dog breeders and owners. If they had their way we wouldn't have meat to eat, livestock in any conditions, or pets. That's right, they don't want you to have your pets. That is a fact that the senior management in HSUS has made very clear on many occasions. So while the one source this article quoted, HumaneWatch, may not be pure I would gladly back them to protect my rights to eat steak, ride horses, and snuggle on the couch with my dogs.
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  10. Ataro

    Ataro Notable member

    Ugh... I don't support any of this shit. Not into picking lesser evils or the like. K thnx bye.
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  11. FredC

    FredC Guest

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  12. Ataro

    Ataro Notable member

    Von, just to be clear my last post was referring to refusing to support either of the two groups not "not standing for anything". I don't believe in supporting anything I don't 100% agree with. We as individuals can make a difference without relying on choosing sides or automatically giving away our power to some questionable corporate group. This is not a government election where it's one or the other, you can say no thanks to both and do something more worthwhile.
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  13. Jeremy Scott

    Jeremy Scott Novitiate

    Jess, you've pretty repeated all of the same Humane Watch propaganda.
    HSUS is against cruel and inhumane treatment of farm animals, not sustainable and humane farming practices. That is the reason they have support from small farmers - who are being put out of business by corporate farms and Monsanto.
    Nebraska Agriculture Council : The Humane Society of the United States
    Plenty who work for HSUS are not vegetarian, and the majority of HSUS supporters are not vegetarian. Yes, these humane laws would impact factory farms bottom line, but don't animals deserve humane treatment? shouldn't farmers be responsible for providing humane care? The corporate farms are clearly not. How is that ok with you?

    HSUS is not against pet ownership and responsible breeders - most HSUS employees own pets, some from breeders. HSUS has a Breeders's Advisory Board where the public can be guided to responsible breeders. That HSUS's goal is to end pet ownership is simply a lie spread by the exploiters, such as Humane Watch.
    The Humane Society of the United States Forms New Dog Breeders Advisory and Resource Council : The Humane Society of the United States

    One of Humane Watch's strategies is to instill fear by using the classic slippery slope propaganda strategy. 'HSUS passes laws for humane treatment, and next thing you know, there's no more meat or dogs to be had.'
    Truth is even if HSUS's goal was to eliminate agriculture, they'd never succeed in turning anyone vegan or petless. This will NEVER happen in a million years, so why not give the animals some measure of humane care under the law? The exploiter's propaganda wants the public to believe there is no middle ground. Aren't we smarter than that?

    You have not done your research. HSUS is not an animal rights group. Their philosophy is that animals have the right to live and grow under conditions that are comfortable and reasonably natural - basically Peter Singer's philosophy, which is not animal rights - but the right to live without suffering and pain.

    Please do provide sources that HSUS is against pet ownership and agriculture.
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  14. Jeremy Scott

    Jeremy Scott Novitiate

    I can respect that :)
    What I can't respect are the outright lies spewed by the corporate abusers (Humane Watch), and websites like petdefense who pretend to be defenders of pets, when they actually do the opposite.
  15. Teufelhund in AZ

    Teufelhund in AZ Active Member

    Hey Jeremy, I first learned THE TRUTH ABOUT HSUS at a new employee orientation at my LOCAL humane society... Not PetDefense. Guess what? My new boss stated all the same info that PetDefense does ten years before their site existed. Does that mean they too "spew outright lies?" Is my local Humane Society a "Corporate Abuser" because they lose countless donation dollars to the fake animal welfare charity known as HSUS? Are they wrong to tell people THE TRUTH ABOUT HSUS? I ask because according to your last post, you would accuse that humane society of "pretending to be defenders of pets".

    The HSUS is a huge scam that steals millions of dollars from needy animals by confusing well-meaning people into believing they [HSUS] are a clearinghouse for donations... That is the TRUTH!
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  16. Jeremy Scott

    Jeremy Scott Novitiate

    Teufelhund, I would need to see facts to back up your assertion that HSUS is a scam.
    Here is the reality:

    HSUS consistently gets high scores from CharityNavigator.org, Guidestar.Org and The Better Business Bureau's Wisegiving Alliance. More than 77% of HSUS donations are used for program expenses:
    Charity Navigator Rating - The Humane Society of the United States

    GuideStar Exchange Reports for Humane Society of The United States

    Humane Society of the United States - Charity Reports - Give.org

    HSUS was voted #1 non-profit having the most impact on animal welfare by Philanthropedia.

    Humane Society of the United States (HSUS): #1 Expert-Identified Animal Rights and Welfare Nonprofit » Philanthropedia

    HSUS was one of Worth Magazine's top ten most fiscally responsible charities.

    The truth is HSUS is a powerful force for animal welfare. While HSUS's mission is national in scope, they still give shelters millions each year, offer shelter training/programs, fund and promote adoption campaigns and advertisements, and reduce the shelter's burden by shutting down puppy mills. If all of HSUS's funds went to shelters, the shelters would be overrun by animals, and corporate abusers would be free to abuse, unfettered by humane laws. Shelters would be attacked by commercial breeders who see them as competition - as Missouri's breeders (and others) did by assessing crippling fees to Missouri's animal shelters.
    The animals need HSUS as much as they need shelters, and that is why I donate to both :)
  17. DocReverto

    DocReverto Formerly CRD

    Dude what the hell is going on in here. I feel like im inside of an infomercial.

    I expect a response from Sarah McLachlan soon.....
  18. Marinegeekswife

    Marinegeekswife Hot Topics Subscriber

    It is obvious that this person isn't really here to learn or contribute anything. They are only interested in pushing their own agenda.
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  19. Ataro

    Ataro Notable member

    Why are regular postings by petdefense etc. even allowed on this forum? It has nothing to do with Dobermanns at all. Or are they supporting the site financially and thus allowed to advertise?
  20. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    No Pet Defense doesn't support us in any way, but they do a ton of research and bring out the facts from so many of the AR groups that we should all be aware of. Pet Defense is by no means the only one I hear the same stories from about places like HSUS, PETA and some of the others over and over again, but it just happened that this particular one got spotted by someone from that side.
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