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Featured What Drew You To The Doberman Breed

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by BiggyRat, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. BiggyRat

    BiggyRat Member

    Was reading through another thread this evening and saw a post by @VonDoom (Post number 109 in the thread "Advocating Cropping & Docking") What a genuine reflection of his love for this breed. So that reading prompted this thread.

    My reason is similar, having to do with the physical aspect of these rascals. I have fostered and adopted for a good while. Living the urban life, to me, did not provide what truly high energy dogs needed, space. My fostering had restrictions that I felt were appropriate for the environment. After settling on these acres, the second foster was a Dobe "Timber". Wow could that bugger run, he was a black and tan beauty. After Timber left I swore I would keep the next one. And yes I did, Bidgie came here at about 15 weeks of age. Currently it is just the two, Bentley and Bidgie (both are dobes).

    So, what drew me to the breed was.....the way they run.
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  2. Archer

    Archer Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    The house I grew up in had a yard that backed up to a house with two black males. We weren't allowed to have dogs at that time as my dad was allergic. I really wanted a dog, and the Dobes behind us intrigued me. I used to take my afternoon snack and and a book to the fence between us. They would lay up against the fence so I could pet them and read them my book. I fell in love with them then.

    As a horse person (hunter/jumper) I am attracted to the beauty and athleticism of the Doberman. They are the Thoroughbred of the dog world. To watch them move is like reading a beautiful poem

    Their tenacity, devotion and undying faithfullness. Their huge heart and goofyness. My friend in high school had a red male named Hunter and I fell in love with him
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  3. JerseyFirefighter

    JerseyFirefighter Site Sponsor

    Living a life growing up with mostly small breeds from my parents, I knew I always wanted a large breed dog. As im sure most of you can agree, the regal look of the doberman, coupled with its history in the working canine world piqued my interest. To find its traits being loyal, highly intelligent, energetic, and velcro like personality drew me to it instantly. Had I known how difficult the puppy and doberteen stages would have been i'd probably go a different route next time. But I love my Jäg.. and I wouldnt trade a moment without him.
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  4. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'll try to keep from writing a novel here:D

    I know I've told this before but can add to it a little.
    As a kid of 8? Or 9 we had an across the street neighbor that had a female named Nadia,after Nadia Comaneci the 1976 Olympic Gymnast.
    She was the star of the neighborhood.Regular walks down the street off leash,held her heal always.Never broke it,not for a stray cat,rabbit,nothing broke her heal.
    The woman that owned her and my mom remain friends to this day and we used to regularly go over there so she and my mom could share a glass or three of wine,I went out back and played ball and Frisbe with Nadia.She was always very polite with me and followed my command to a T.
    The woman was married to a guy named Dave.Dave was(as it turned out) a schizophrenic and decided to go off his meds.Then he started coming home late,drunk.
    In the 70s dogs were pretty much outside animals,Nadia was no different.
    After the first night of getting beat up by Dave she decided Nadia was now an inside dog.
    They made their amends but a month or two later he came home drunk again.He started berating,yelling,and started at her and Nadia stepped in.Put the man in a bark and hold and backed him into a corner if the dining room where he eventually passed out.
    He awoke the next morning to Nadia,in a sit,staring at him.She had not moved all night.
    Now,that's where I remember the story ending but as it happens her owner was a guest at our home just a month or so back (mostly to meet Daisy and Rocky)and told me the rest of the story.
    He decided to get back on his meds,apologized and promised like wife beaters often do it would never happen again.
    It took a few months but it did.Taking meds but still drinking.
    Again,Nadia put him in the corner while the woman fled the house.
    She went next door asking for help.The neighbor,Jim,assembled his team of himself,my dad and another guy across the street(all 3 Vietnam vets) to remove Dave from the house.
    They all new Nadia well but weren't sure what to expect when they opened the front door.
    To their delight (and relief) walking in Nadia turned and saw them and her posture changed,her little nub started wagging and she moved aside for them.She new the Calvary had arrived.
    Not so long after she sold the house and moved down by the beech where I understand Nadia made many new friends and impressed every one she met.She lived a great life until as with all dogs old age took its toll.
    I will stop there,I knew another in my teens,but I need a tissue.
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  5. Rex's mom

    Rex's mom Hot Topics Subscriber

    I have always loved big dogs. I loved the look of Dobermans but honestly they intimidated me a bit when I was younger. A friend had one in high school but she was not the nicest dog so that didn't help much.
    About 8 years ago one of my clients lived with her son and he was a true Doberman lover and had a beautiful Black and Tan male. I fell in love with this dog and was able to see what a true Doberman is like. I loved his Velcro personality his alertness and his loyalty. He had many Dobes before this one and was able to give me a true sence of their personalities. I had my two Ridgebacks at the time but I knew one day I wanted to have one.
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  6. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Truly incredible and moving. I don't think I'll ever forget that story.
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  7. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    What a fun thread.

    For me it started in earnest when a long, tall lovely blonde girl occasionally came into the gas station where I worked. She always had a male, Black and Tan Doberman in her car. That girl would become me girlfriend. I was so impressed with that Dobie. I mean, he wasn't trained to a high level but obedient. Very watchful and protective. I remember she a couple times at her house said "check this out" and cracked open her front door and said "watch!" and his big thunderous barks rang out. I was inexperienced with a large, protective dogs so I was quite impressed.

    This girl and her mom had an interesting friend who would every once in a while come into the gas station. A real big, muscled guy, covered in tats – some of the prison tats. A Harley riding badass kind of guy. I don't really know his story but he had this Jeep pickup truck and always had two Black and Tan Dobes in the back that would just go off on anyone who got near the truck. I know, kind of stupid, right? I was fearful of getting near the truck though and was worried those Dobes would jump out and attack someone.

    So that was my true introduction to the breed. I decided this breed was the baddest, most awesome breed out there. I developed an image of the ideal Doberman – impeccably trained and behaved – capable of amazing things, and yes, protective. That's what I strived for with my first Doberman (a Red male) that I would get years later.

    I remember one day my friend and I and his brother were talking about which was the ultimate breed (we were guys of course, so we were talking about which breed was the strongest and toughest among other things). My friend's choice: German Shepherd. His brother's: Alaskan Malamute. You know my choice.

    Not long after that my friend (and roommate) went ahead and got a GSD pup even though we lived in an apartment. I always thought I would have to wait until I lived in a house to get my Doberman but I figured if he could do it so could I. And I don't regret it, though it is very fortunate that we happened to have a cool landlord.
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  8. Archer

    Archer Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    The Doberman owning friend that I mentioned in my last post had a similar experience as Gel's neighbor. He and his family had left one evening to go out to dinner. When they came back their male had caught someone robbing their house and had backed him into the living room and held him in a chair in the corner until his family came home. The police were of course called and the dog held the guy in the chair until the police arrived. The robber confessed to the police after he was arrested that the dog had been holding him there for 45 minutes before the family came home.

    If you know anything about my friend's dog, Hunter you know there is not a mean bone in his body. He had no protective instincts that we had known of until this incident and he was well over 4 years old at that point. Guess they were wrong about him not having instincts, lol. He was the sweetest, happiest, goofiest soul imaginable...much like my Archer boy. Hunter passed away several years ago, but I loved that dog and I think of him often.
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  9. kashi

    kashi Hot Topics Subscriber

    As I mentioned before I grew up with a pair of Dobermanns, a black and tan male and a blue female. They were there before me. When I was born they were about 4. The male was very large (45 kgs) and the female a whole lot smaller (she only weighed 26kgs). They were incredibly gentle with my brother and I. We could sit on the males back, pull his ears, jump in their water bowls etc. They were great with us. However they proved their worth a few times as protectors as well. One occasion we returned home after an evening out to find a strange man up the tree in the front garden with the two dobes barking and lunging at the tree, his shoes and socks had been pulled off by them too. He couldn't really tell us what he was doing on my parents property (between cries for my dad to call off the dogs) but we never saw him again ;) The second time a strange man opened our gate and wondered into the driveway, Buster the large male, pinned him to the wall and let off one loud bark. My mom went to see what was happening. The man who was pinned to the wall was too scared to speak, he was just frozen to the wall with Buster staring him in the face. My mom said down, Buster went down. Once again this guy couldn't really tell us what he was doing on the property but we never saw him again, my mom swears he had wet his pants too. The other time I can remember is when our domestic helper's son arrived one day drunk and abusive, he rang our intercom and started screaming obscenities at us and his mother. We let the two dobes out the inter-leading gates between the back yard and the driveway. Baby and Buster ran straight for our front gate and Buster being large enough to jump over the 6ft wall launched himself but didn't leap over he just hung over the wall. His large head started bitting at the top of the mans head, Baby was barking and growling and leaping behind the gate too. He took off screaming. He never ever rang our bell again.

    My mom raised and trained the pair of Dobermanns. She loved them, said they were the best big dogs she had, she was an avid chihuahua fan and we had a patched Chihuahua called Scampi at the same time as Buster and Baby, without any problems. She made me go with when I was 6 to put Buster to sleep, his hips gave out and the noble guy couldnt stand anymore. She cried all the way there, the whole time we were there and the whole way home. Buster was silent but watchful as he lay on the backseat of the car. He just watched my mom cry, he wagged his little tail. I was too young to really understand. Baby lived till she was 15. We tried to get another doberamann after Buster. We lost two pups to parvo. Both came to us with parvo, it was the early 90's. We have had many different types of dogs since that pair of dobes (including a pit bull, a Weimaraner, a Dalmatian and GSD mix) but the dobes remained legends in our house for their obedience and bravery.

    And this is how I came to own Layla today. I wanted that same mix of loyalty, gentleness, protectiveness and obedience. I wanted what my mom described as the perfect big dog.
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  10. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    My dad owned dobermans growing up and into young adulthood. He had a similar instance with his dobe protecting his home from a robbery while his family was out. Growing up my dad didn't have much, a robbery would have devastated his family (like any other) but the set back would have been huge, as they more than likely would have never recovered. Neighbors called the police when they heard Greta barking over the top...non-stop for 40 min. Police arrived to find the man clinging to the rafters in the basement, Greta right below him in a bark and hold trying to nip his fingers. This is a dog that let family friends over, kids, followed my dad out for a run on horseback out at a friends farm etc. Just a good all around dog and a fine Doberman. I would always get told great stories of his dobermans and I think that inspired me. I wanted a dog like that, my shadow, protector, and best friend.

    Fast forward to my days of working at an animal clinic. We obviously housed dogs who needed treatment but also housed dogs for boarding at the clinic. We had this one doberman came in (first time I had ever seen a doberman there in yeeears). Everyone talked about how he was a bit of a handful, young male and intact. Sometimes there are dogs that come across in your life and you just click. Everyone talks it up how this guy is a handful, even techs who have worked there dealing with all kinds of dogs even my manager. I go downstairs and just the sight of him took my breath away - he had that look that so many here talk about. Alert, attentive, intelligent. I walk up to him and ask him to sit before letting him out to leash him up. Plop straight down goes his dober butt, with his tail nub going a million miles per sec. Outside he does his business then immediately runs up to me and LEANS into my leg, that tail nub going crazy again. He was in tune to me and we just clicked. If anyone in the clinic needed him for nail trimmings, exam, or going home to his owners - told each other "go get Amanda" :D My heart has been set ever since.

    Now, a family friend who has horses, a big old property with lakes and woods, tons of trails. She asks me to do horse chores and take care of her dobergoofy boy Rudee all the time as she goes on vacation or takes random days off a bunch. She doesn't have to ask me twice! This boy is big...90lbs of solid doberman and...he's a lapdog. My husband's heart melts for this guy. It didn't take much with Rudee to convince him to want a doberman. I've always talked about wanting to own a dobe, my dad has shared his stories but Rudee really sealed the deal for him. Funny how once you meet one - you tend to fall in love.

    Rudee - happy as a clam
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  11. Archer

    Archer Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    All of these stories melt my heart. To hear of how this one breed has touched so many is heartwarming. I love to hear how important they are to each one of you makes them that much more special, ya know!!
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  12. obbanner

    obbanner $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber


    My first Doberman, Inky.

    I grew up with lab mixes and the guy with whom I shared an apartment came home with a golden mix. I never considered a Doberman until a friend who had an exercise studio called to tell me she bought a Doberman puppy. She liked it because one of her vendors had a Doberman puppy and it was prancing around the studio looking at itself in the mirrors, and she had to have a Doberman. It was love at first sight when I met her puppy and I bought her puppys sister the same night. I've had them ever since. My wife had Shelties when we got married, and I also acquired a love for them, so I'm bi-breedual.

    I also love watching the way they run. They're so beautiful and graceful when they play together and when they're working.
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  13. Archer

    Archer Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hahahaha!!! Too funny :)
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  14. Dragonborn

    Dragonborn Hot Topics Subscriber

    My grandparents had a red dobe named Stoney. And was actually the first breed of dog I was introduced to as a baby. I grew up with Stoney for many years. I remembered one day my grandmother setting dinner on the table & I said "won't Stoney try to eat our food?"... She said "no, he's never tried. He's so smart that he knows he'll get some after." About 5 years later, I caught myself watching doberman videos everyday after school & then I finally got my first dobe, Bella. I loved how smart they were & I always feel safe with one.
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  15. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Rudee there reminds me of my first boy, Magnum. A Red that topped out at 96 lbs. (in shape). He had a big head, shorter snout and a short crop.
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  16. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I guess I have a similar story to what most of you have already posted.

    My highschool friend had a beautiful black/rust Doberman and I thought he was the most regal, intelligent dog I had ever seen in my life growing up with dogs, even though he wasn't really trained either.

    After Hubby and I got married he wanted a hunting dog so we got Otis, our GSP. We loved that boy to pieces too, but after he left us at age 16 I told Hubby that I "really, really" wanted a Doberman now. When he saw the price tag he said "wow they're high aren't they?" since I think Boris cost about $3,000. Of course he said that's fine if I really had my heart set on one and we always buy a dog without worrying about the initial price tag since the cost of responsible ownership for life adds up to a lot more than that - especially if they don't come from health tested parents and need lots of medical care after the fact.

    After our first Doberman, we both realized what a special breed they are and we'd never go back again. You just can't beat the elegance, grace, loyalty and beauty of the breed.
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  17. BiggyRat

    BiggyRat Member

    Holy smokes. That is a bunch of good posts.
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  18. CRDobe

    CRDobe Notable member

    Wonderful story!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 6, 2014
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  19. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I grew up with mutts. Never was even real familiar with purebred dogs. After I got married, my husband had a friend that had a pair of dobies, still does. I thought they were beautiful but could never understand why anybody would ever want one. These dogs were out of control and they were huge. Our friend likes the oversized dobes and doesn't understand the value of training and socializing. In fact, he believed the opposite, he didn't want his dogs socialized because he wanted protectors. I didn't understand it. Why would anybody want a dog that knocked people over and ate your couch for fun?
    It wasn't until I met my beautiful red boy Chaos that I was sold on the breed. I met Chaos several times before I brought him home. I could tell that he was a good boy and needed a much better home. The guy that owned him just didn't get it. I wouldn't say he was abused, but he certainly was not getting what he needed. While we were over there one day, something in the way Chaos looked at me told me he wanted to live somewhere else. I told the owner to just let me have the dog and I would find him a great home. I was not in the market for a dog. We had just lost our dog and had decided to take a break for a bit. Our kids were older and very involved in their own lives, sports, school and of course a social life. Hubby and I had decided to travel a bit when the kids were gone so who needed a dog?
    I brought Chaos home with the idea of finding him a great home. Well, Chaos had other ideas. He thought he had found his home. We got home and I took him out to the backyard. He ran around investigating his new surroundings. Then I sat down in a chair to watch him. He came over and sat in front of me. It wasn't long until he laid his head in my lap looking up at me. That was it! I fell hard for him right then and there. Hubby swears he saw it happen. From that moment Chaos and I were inseparable. To this day I don't know what happened, but I do know that I am a dobe owner for life.

    My beautiful boy...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Dobie Wan Knobie

    Dobie Wan Knobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    My first memory of a Doberman was when I was very young, not really sure how old I was, but I remember the Sheriff that lived across the street had two of them. I can remember seeing those two dogs, one black and one red, getting out of the backseat of his car. I was so impressed with that visual that it has stayed with me my whole life.
    Then when I was a bit older I found a couple of Doberman Quarterly books, so I now had all these awesome photo's of Dobermans to put up on my wall. Then there was the movies...by then I knew I would have a Doberman as my DOC (Dog Of Choice), and so even though I have owned several other breeds, I always come back to the Doberman.

    Here is the first Doberman I had when I was 19 living in S. Cal. Back in 1979. She was a female named Alex, and she loved to swim in the pool and do all sorts of water tricks. I sure wise I would have had a video cam back in those days. What fun we had!
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