We might have a dock dive monster!

Congrats! Exciting! There was dock diving on a TV at an establishment a couple weeks ago. It was neat to see, and was the kind where they dive to try to reach the article suspended out there.

Of course, it's the smaller dogs (of medium breeds) that do well at these sports, so you have what it takes there; and it's great to see a Doberman represented in a water sport!

The scream? Yeah. You should've heard what Oji would do when I walked him and a family member was in front of him, or back when I used to take him to the dog park and we were walking up the sidewalk toward the enclosed area, or when I had him on a heel off leash when we were walking to the park to do retrieving. Sometimes sounded like an injured dog or one being abused.
Yay, congrats!!! I cannot WAIT to see her photos!
took the words right off my keyboard! :D

Sorry it took longer than expected! Such is the fun of juggling buying fun pictures and being slightly more responsible with money by entering trials and shows instead ! 😂

Here are the pictures I purchased of her splashes where she earned her PB of 17'2 at Toledo, OH back in June!

4S3A2876 copy.jpg

I love that she is using ALL of the dock!
4S3A2875 copy.jpg

4S3A2867 copy.jpg
4S3A2868 copy.jpg4S3A2869 copy.jpg

4S3A2857 copy.jpg

4S3A3049 copy.jpg

4S3A2763 copy.jpg

4S3A2858 copy.jpg

4S3A2744 copy.jpg