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Want to Become Breeder in Future; Where to Start?

Discussion in 'Doberman Breeders' started by Pudding, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    In all honesty there are MANY breeders making excellent money. Most especially the well known and popular breeders of the day. It is very common once in the community of the known popular most practice and bring into their breeding program co ownership partnerships .Generally the co owner takes on the expense upon fulfilling agreement breeder signs off .I'm all for making money .it's not 4 letter word .What disturbs me is AKC won't release that info .So when you research a pedigree of a breeders program all those co owned bitches and litters produced by them and there are alot you aren't even aware of and aren't informed about .You won't find How many have you co owned and how many litters have you produced co owned on any questions to ask your breeder list. Michelle Santana of Foxfire was quoted in an interview stating it was the fault of "JQP" getting in uproar status of Doberman by being fixated on demanding and asking breeders about testing .But golly who taught "JQP" to ask? It's right on DPCA puppy hunting list for the public .To ask! Way crazy world

  2. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Obviously I am not aware of any top shelf, reputable, work and show titled breeders that make excellent money from breeding alone. You may have 2 litters that are perfect, healthy, proper temperaments no issues at birth or into their teens where everything goes right and you wind up with a surplus of cash after doing proper testing, C/D, vaccines, food.
    All it takes though is one litter to go south or just a pup or two with health issues and your profits are gone. You will have little if anything to put back into the next pairings to do it correctly.
    Animal Husbandry is a science and is performed by professionals to preserve and better the bloodlines of the breed.
    Having a medical background is beneficial, a knowledge of genetics, diseases, proper care of the bitch and sire, working, showing, titling. Titling your dobe is expensive while traveling to shows, handler fees, show/competition fees, lodging etc.
    I cannot tell you how many times at the Vet Hospital we have had emergencies with birthing issues and having to do C-Sections which is very difficult on the bitch. Bitches stepping or laying on the pups causing serious damage and resulting in euthanasia after the expense of multiple radiographs to determine injuries. As was mentioned earlier, an outbreak of Parvo could wipe out the entire litter. Losing the bitch during or immediately after labor.

    To me it’s a 24/7 job as you can’t just pop off to a vacation and leave your dobes with someone else. I don’t know about you but I trust no one other than my twins trainers or husband to care for my dobes.
    My husband and I take different trips/vacations because we don’t want just anyone to care for our animals.

    If my heart was set on breeding, I would find a mentor and work with them in caring for, showing, titling and breeding for a few years and take classes in the medical and genetic diseases aspect so I would have a working knowledge of what is involved. Time, money, education, proper care and training are all part of becoming an accomplished breeder.

    There is also the annual or biannual echocardiograms and Holtor Monitoring of your bitches and sires. Those tests are not cheap. It is a lot more involved than just having a stud cover the bitch.

    Are you planning on becoming a breeder?
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  3. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    No that ship sailed! In my 60s am now with 1st rescue. I have indeed bred as a co owner to meet agreed upon terms to fulfil contract with breeder for full ownership which were to produce breeder stipulated litters .
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  4. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    I mean no disrespect but you assume a lot. That was a long email educating me but I'm fairly knowledgeable which you would have realized had you not made assumption I was totally uninformed .You think breeding can be way expensive now? Meeting your requirements would double it not mention the time .Traditional sincere mentoring tried and true .
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  5. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    When one does not share their vast knowledge in a post and tells me that they are privy to knowing that breeders make a LOT of money breeding, then yes I will assume that is the exception and not the rule. The (long) post was to share my experience dealing with breeders both in a medical setting and in a professional setting. I do not feel that my expectations are above or excessive. I deal with many animals both domestic and exotic on a daily basis. Working as a CVT now for well over 30yrs. I have seen my share of byb and dedicated reputable breeders. I want to know my breeder has taken all necessary steps to produce healthy, quality Doberman’s because the things I see at work are heartbreaking and could have been avoided if care and diligence was taken when making a choice to breed. I apologize for the lengthy post but you did quote me and I responded. It won’t happen again.
    Best of luck to you.
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  6. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    Thank you. Gracious your part and appreciated. Tad defensive my part. Ive earned my spurs. Legitimately and ethically. My participation with these creatures and MSs and the knowledge acquired is about all i i have in the vein of accomplishments. Early on in 3rd grade i decided i i wanted to be a Professional Dog Handler. My 3rd grade teacher bred GSDs. Back then to bear credentials with title "Professional" i. e. be paid monies for handling there was a whole set of criteria one had to meet. It was time consuming and no pay. I was lucky my teacher saw the fire in me. It was great for her too! Free labor cleaning hounds equipment etc etc. I ran my butt can off working her hounds in sanctioned matches to prepare them for shows. Then was working to get the mandated hours to satisfy what i needed in AKC shows. Finished 2 bitches 1 male by the end. It took me almost 5 years. I was young there was much to learn all the while the parents were always in background yammering about my grades. Would pull the plug if they dipped. I needed another 4 hours ring time.
    AKC made their big announcement. Changed the regulations re Professional Handlers Removed all mandates. Anyone could put the label on charge and receive monies. I was on one side heartbroken the other ballistic. I was a senior in HS. God bless Tina. Tried so hard to turn me into a GSD person. Wanted to get me started with a puppy. I love them thats all we ever had coming up. I couldnt be swayed. Saw my 1st Dober at age 9 and game on! But i learned sooo much all facets those years. So thats my long email!
    Upon purchasing COWIN Bluetooth device i had cause to post feedback at Amazon.com. Allowed the rascal to assist me as he does in son mamatters. He gave s up and got him some fans!

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  7. bryanne

    bryanne Jr Member

    Gold for you! I agree 100% albeit nobody wants to hear it not popular to voice. The percentage of Dobermans unable to pass a simple WAE / WAC is so sad. When beginning days Doberman Diversity Project the question was put us in the DDP FB Group what did we think was important and should be included in profile of a Dober especially if seeking info for purposes of breeding tool. I stated id want to know if had WAE / WAC. Temperament being an important part of our breed standard. Was told by a most esteemed breeder in no uncertain terms its unfair to expect a dog to go from WAE ring to confirmation that to sell Dobermans to the public dont want too sharp so its really not that important. She questioned my numbers that fail. I was so embarrassed to be taken to task. Nobody helped me. I wasnt going to get in the mud publicly with esteemed award winning breeder. Im just passing thru. I no longer spout the pass fail stats which were hard to collect. I refer people to Ray Carlisle! Anyway it wasnt included in the breeder profile. The failure percentages are just as troubling with the Euros. And the ones that do train/practice it and to satisfy the whole purpose its to be done cold. I find it along with troubling; heartbreaking. They fail same part also. Wont go after bad guy worse many go behind their handlers. Cant get scores pass fail from DPCA wont publish. UDC does score right down to if you sign up to test and dont show they publish that! stats published in their PIPELINE publication
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