WAC is in the books!


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Asha and I did the much-discussed Working Abilities Evaluation on Wednesday - the day before a Doberman Specialty show on Thursday & a 4 day (Fri - Mon) Cluster show all weekend. We've never been to a show that big, but the WAE was held on Wed before most people arrived, due to the gunfire. I believe there were about 18 - 20 dogs entered. Not sure how many passed, but quite a few from what I could see. I have to say that almost all the ones I saw were pretty stable, none that I know of were strictly working lines, but only call names were on the list, so I really don't know. Most were very friendly to the strangers, where as Asha dismissed them (but wasn't rude! Yay!) and most startled & recovered quickly from the gunshot. I love how when Asha startled she turned to face the direction it came from. I think all would have passed except for the bad guy scene, but still as a whole, most stood their ground, 2 or 3 noticeably backed up to their handler and didn't want to face the boogie man, and only a few hit the end of the leash barking aggressively. Asha was one of those. Someone videoed for me, I'm so grateful for that so I can share! Eric Peterson was the evaluator, and he was great. I think very fair, kind to the handlers and said what I've been trying to say in these discussions, but never found the right words. He said "This is called a Pass or Fail test, but there are no dogs that fail. This is not a test, it's exercises to help you learn more about your dog."

Our scoresheet:


The video cut off before the last exercise in which Mr. Peterson walks with handler & dog discussing your test and then reaches out and touches the dog to make sure it has no lingering aggressive attitude after the bad guy episode. He told me that when Asha froze to watch the man moving that she was 100% waiting for him to move on or be a threat and as soon as he turned toward us she went off.

I'm happy to discuss any thoughts or questions about the video!

Excellent job! So glad you went! I bet Asha was wondering why there were so many dobermans there, LOL. Btw, Ripley shot out of her whelping box and stood alert right next to me staring at the monitor and puffing a grumble, ready to back up Asha for the decoy threat. :rofl: She doesn't forget!!
Her decoy threat rating is off the charts (to no ones, surprise, I'm sure!)!! I would like to do this with Rubie, someday. Just to see!

How lucky someone was able to video for you :thumbsup:
I don't remember if I ever shared Ripley's WAE? But I have to laugh, here is my leash/flat collar, loose leash walking, trained girl last year... and Asha is walking nicer than her :rofl: I know they don't care how they walk beside you (thank god) because they want whatever natural response the dog is going to give and not be under command like they would in heeling but it gave me a good laugh because I know you've said multiple times that she pulls like a freight train! With Ripley as you see, she is very aware of when she's being asked to heel, and when shes not being asked to heel lol!

Also, Ripley's stranger response gave her two -1s. :scratch: I would have personally called that a zero. Btw those that don't know: 0s and -1s are acceptable for the stranger interaction and deemed acceptable behavior for our breed.


One other note...the noise clatter took so long despite Ripley investigating it multiple times because she had to put her nose right on the can for this evaluator. :scratch: So she almost failed that part on time alone even though you can tell shes not bothered by the noise. If you remember the same was expected for the umbrella her first time and what failed her then where this time the evaluator did not require that. Maybe learned from his first eval. I see your evaluator was fine with anywhere on the face of the umbrella like it should be!
Ripley did great - yes, you shared this when you got it, it's a terrific showing of her personality. If Asha had been 2 instead of 4, she would have been all over the place on the end of that 6' leash too. :rofl: And she might have haired up or grumbled at the strangers instead of ignoring them, not a good thing. You know it's taken years for me to get her over that, and so her WAE in that exercise was "trained" but no dog over 18 months is going into that test with no training. In fact I was thinking that I've hammered on her so much for explosive barking for no reason, that she may not explode at the boogie man, but I was wrong. So in that case all my training didn't matter.:rofl: True colors and all that.

If you take Stavros to a WAE, try to find one with this Peterson evaluator. He's not soft on the evaluation, but takes the whole dog and their actions and reactions. I really thought he was super with all the dogs. I'll have to see the results how many passed - I think most of them, but he didn't nit-pick if the dog showed what he needed to see. I love how Asha and Ripley both froze when they saw the bad guy, then when he turned into the dog they said Oh hell no!
Ok I couldn't remember honestly 🤣 especially since she took it twice. Hey, I love that you got to see her true colors even with all the training! Even though Rip took it twice, her responses and scores were the exact same. Even the decoy she was like, "Ill light you up!" I think you took it at the perfect time for Asha so you could see her response without her worrying about environment. So proud of y'all both. I'll be on the lookout for this evaluator... I think mine resigned recently.

I love how Asha and Ripley both froze when they saw the bad guy, then when he turned into the dog they said Oh hell no!
It's my favorite proud momma part!! Asha's made me smile just as much. When everyone goes silent exactly when the decoy comes out and then cheer loudly after the threat. Didn't matter if it was someone no one knew. EVERYONE cheered for a strong reaction. I love it! Good dobermans 😁