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Vaccinations: Consider Carefully For Your Pets


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Vaccinations: Consider Carefully​

You’re doing this? To me?

If I had but one overarching recommendation to make to the world of animal owners, it would be this:

Learn all you can about vaccinations for your animals (and your kids!). This is anything but a benign, risk-free procedure.

As I look time and again at when my patients started their decline into poor health, I repeatedly see the timing being “about a month” after a round of vaccinations. Not in every case, but in a large percentage of my patient population, this is true.

And when I look at the homeopathic remedies needed to restore health to those who are suffering, a small group know as “vaccinosis remedies” must inevitably be part of the prescribing path.

[Vaccinosis, a hundred year old term coined by early homeopathic physicians, means simply: illness that came as a result of being vaccinated.]

When I was educated in veterinary school in the late 70’s, I was not told any of this. It was not made clear to me that vaccines had any risks associated with them at all. It took years of practice, careful study of my patients, reading with an open mind, and learning from experts in natural health that this single procedure may well be the undoing of most, if not all, health. In people and their animals.

I’ve explored it here for you from several different angles. My hope is that, armed with this information, and what you find across the vast internet, you’ll be able to choose wisely, and step very cautiously on this significant part of the Perilous Path.

Start with Vaccination: Efficacy, and read on through safety and the rest.

More in this series that you’ll want to be well versed in:

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Vaccination Waiver
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Fallacy of Titer Tests

Courses are another great way to learn about this, your most important decision. Courses offer group interactions, video lessons, written materials, and live webinars where you can ask me questions.

One I’d recommend highly is my main “avoid vaccine injury” course, called Nosodes, Tautodes & Titers, which launches periodically and once you’re on it, is available to you forever. These three tools (two homeopathic and one lab work) are widely available but grossly misunderstood. When you know how to use these properly, you can stop sweating the vaccine decision. You’ll have the wisdom to use better options.

Time crunch? My Smart Vaccine Alternatives Course is open for enrollment now. This is great if you want deeper, actionable information but don’t have time to await the NTT course opening. Maybe you’ve got a pup you’re trying to make smart decisions for right now? This is for you.

To learn when our intermittently launched courses become available, be sure to sign up for first alerts here: