USDA ruling and Texas Pet breeders


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From: Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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Subject: [TX_RPOA_E-News] APHIS/USDA Ruling and Texas pet breeders

>From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach
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September 11, 2013

RPOA urges everyone to wait patiently for interpretations from our "experts"
regarding the new APHIS/USDA ruling for Internet pet sales before hitting
the "PANIC" button. RPOA has numerous trusted sources and will spread the
news as soon as we are confidant we have all the facts.

Past experience has taught us that it is impossible to read USDA official
publications and be informed as USDA "interpretations" vary. When we were
all opposing this new ruling, USDA spoke out of both sides of their mouth.
Below is an APHIS FAQ link but we're still sorting it all out. Word is
there are legal exceptions to avoid USDA licensing:
Surely you've heard of hunting Chihuahuas bred for "hunting" mice? Watch
for the "intent" word.

Don't believe anything you read in the media because Vegan HSUS Prez Wayne
Pacelle is saturating media with misleading information while bragging that
he and ASPCA worked 20 years to get this new rule. To the radical "animal
rights" extremists, every breeder is a "puppy/kitty mill."
Wayne's brags:

HSUS wants every dog and cat breeder regulated under the Animal Welfare Act
(AWA) because it shuts down all home based dog and cat show/hobby breeding
and exhibition. The AWA doesn't have "basic" requirements for animal care
as touted. The AWA was written for sterile animal medical research
facilities and home based compliance for breeding pets is impossible.
Commercial kennels have been USDA regulated for years. Now the target is
the show/hobby/performance dog and cat breeder in addition to all pet

American Kennel Club's report:

No word yet from The International Cat Association (TICA) but the Cat
Fanciers' Association (CFA) sent this out:
"Breeders/sellers of cats/dogs who maintain 4 or fewer 'breeding females'
and who sell 'only the offspring of animals born and raised on their
premises for pets or exhibition' must be USDA licensed. If ALL sales of
animals allow the buyer to see the pet prior to taking possession the seller
will NOT have to be licensed." (Won't Skype count?)

We hear the recent USDA Telephone Conference raised more questions than it
answered but it clarified one important issue according to CFA: "A
breeder/seller of pets will not be required to have each buyer come to their
premises/home to take possession of their pet. They can meet in another
place to finalize the purchase as long as a person can see the animal before
buying the pet and taking possession."
However this violates some state and local laws in Texas.

The definition of "Breeding Female" is a female with the "capacity to
breed." So it appears we will have the "Intact Female" issue again as in
Texas Breeder Bill.

Right now, we have no idea how this will affect the Texas Dog/Cat Breeder
Bill nor affect our lawsuit against HB 1451 being refiled nor our own
Dog/Cat Breeder Bill next state legislative session. We'll consult with our
attorney as soon as we find out what HSUS has done to all animal lovers.
Just say a prayer and give your animals a hug for now. We hope you care
enough to fight for them. We have cared for over 20 years and still do.
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Formerly CRD
So realistically this only affects dogs that are not bred for a job?

According to that link any working breed is exempt.


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It is referring to kennels like the one in Indiana - that only works with dogs that are still bred to do specialized work. It is very vague and that is always the biggest problem when the government gets involved with anything. There are so many different circumstances that you can't reall make a one rule covers all.

I do believe that dogs that are primarily sold as show dogs even in the working group would be regulated because they are considered pets as showing purely conformation is not considered "working" regardless of the breed.

It all puts us ALL at risk because the ultimate goal of the AR groups is to get enough stupid regulations passed that they can eliminate ALL purebred dogs. I don't know how long it will take them but I can tell you they are WAY ahead of us.