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Update on Kanda - Progress!


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Hey all! Since last post, we have moved apartments (I think it’s been that long?) and started ecollar at training with Kanda. He still has a long way to go, but he has progressed SO MUCH.

We have found a routine at this new apartment that really helps keep him in a more relaxed state. First thing in the morning, we head out to the building dog park which is usually empty. He has a core group of dog friends here that he gets along well with and loves to play with. Sometimes one or two of them comes out when we are at the park and he gets to play with them, otherwise, we run through commands while playing fetch. He gets a good 20-60 mins of exercise first thing in the morning instead of just a bathroom break. Then we head in, he cools off for an hour before breakfast and he snoozes and lounges for the next few hours while I work. Sometime between 12-3 we go out for another bathroom break, this time of year it is VERY hot out so I don’t like to let him run around long during the day. So we either go in the garage or hallway to do some training for 30 mins followed by 5-10 mins of play. Or if one of his buddies owners txts me for a quick play session, we do that. Then he gets some chews inside and he snoozes and hangs out by my feet again! Around 5-6 we go out for our last exercise, sometimes he plays with other dogs, sometimes it’s just us playing fetch. But he plays for a good 30-60mins and then cools off before dinner. He gets a frozen kong in the evening and a before bed bathroom run. He does sleep in the bed now but he no longer ever resource guards and he listens when I tell him off or on the bed. He’s overall much calmer and more respectful!

Sorry that was a huge paragraph, I’m just so pleased with how things are now compared to three or four months ago. He still has separation anxiety, our trainer is showing us how to use the ecollar to help with that as well. His recall is improving but not perfect (it’s only been a week on the ecollar). I’m able to hold him accountable for everything now. He knows to wait at thresholds for me to go through first and call him, he still pulls on his leash but not as bad (work in progress). I think he’s actually starting to view me as a leader, I’m excited to see where we are at in a month or two.

Figured I’d give an update since I have asked so many questions and had several rants on here throughout his puppyhood. He’s 14 months old now and becoming a very good boy. Thank you SO much to everyone who has given me advice so far, I’m sure I will need more as time goes.
Some updated pix attached!


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That’s great news!
Best thing to do is to stay patient, persistent and consistent. If he starts to regress or change somewhat, look and see if you have laxed or not holding him to standards you have set.

Great job!!
So glad to see this update! You're doing great with him & he with you! I can't tell you how much difference this will make in just a few more months. I was still having frustrations at 14 months that just slowly disappeared until I just realized how "that doesn't happen anymore"! Keep up the great work, your lifelong reward is in the pictures up there.
Isn't it wonderful when you begin to see how fantastic your dog can be! And it will continue to improve with the years, until you will be hard pushed to remember those early puppy months at all! At least until someone new comes along with the :pullhair::complain:posts. :rofl: