Update: Happy Joe the county shelter rescue


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Firstly, he has definitely wormed his way into our hearts and is becoming part of the family. We think he was walked very little and tied out in a yard-his "mug shot" shows him with a spike collar on and a chewed off tether hanging from it. On the other hand, it seems he was loved on (maybe kids?) because he is not flinchy or skittish and allows touching of ears and feet, looking at teeth.He is affectionate in a Dobie way. No licks, LOTS of leaning, some feet.
We think he has bonded and bonded quickly! Within a week he had defended the yard, "escaped" and returned home on his own. (A 6 ft wrought iron fence is being made as I type this).

PROS: He is much less reactive and hyper-vigilant than he was. He used to take 3 bites of food and run around to check where we were before going back to take another 3 bites. Now he actually finishes his meal. We live on a golf course. Cart path is visible, but not super close. Well of course he would bark at each one whizzing by and especially at anyone whose ball landed on the fairway by our house. Now, he lays on the patio furniture and just watches 75% of the time.
He no longer marks in the house. He is much improved about pulling on walks. No longer snarling at bicycles, motorcycles and golf carts.

CONS: counter surfing. dresser surfing, door opening and trash lid lifting. He is 28in at the withers, likes to stand on his hind legs, and has opposable paws lol. His nose and eyes reach just above the countertop while on all fours. He should be named Snuffleupagus!
This boy is the nosiest dog I have ever owned. He sticks it everywhere (although he is very polite about crotches, just one sniff) he sniffs clean clothes, dresser drawers, bathroom drawers, stands on his hind legs and sniffs decorative soaps, my perfumes and cosmetics. My purse, backpacks, car glove compartment, you get the idea...
He only takes food, socks, gloves, and stuffed animals. Hides the food and parades everything else in front of you. There are more pros and cons, but that is enough for now.

I want you all to know that I am perusing your forums and your advice and anecdotes are very helpful! Thank you.
Also, in a week Joe is going to Doggy College for obedience, e-collar, and rattlesnake avoidance training. We are lucky enough to live near a great training facility.
Check out their site, you tube videos and FB videos. Tell me what you think. It's Hunter Canine in Phoenix AZ. I will post a link. Hope it's allowed.

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Sounds like Happy Joe is settling into his home. That’s awesome news as well as the training.

Keep us updated as he goes through his training.


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Thanks everyone. He is going on a 4 week retreat. It is expensive, but we figure it is not much more than the cost of a puppy, so cost wise we will come out with a trained young dog at the cost of a puppy.
They take him to HD and the mall, in elevators. Train him with their agility group plus e collar. He was evaluated as okay with other dogs at the shelter, but he is still somewhat reactive so the training with other retreat dogs should help.
Rattlesnake avoidance cause he sticks his nose in every hole in the desert and snarfs! 20201112_130809.jpg 20201110_090223(1).jpg


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I've really enjoyed reading your story with Happy Joe, it sounds like you're all having a great adventure, I think it was destiny you got him from the shelter, have a great time on the retreat look forward to the story off his time there, he is looking really good. (Hope they don't train all the mischief out off him)

jazzies mum

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Well, I think Joe has landed on his very elegant feet being rescued by you! I had to laugh about the Snuffleupagus! So true as well as all the nosiness. He's a good looking boy too!


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It sounds like he's settling in nicely! Will the trainer work with you as well so you know the techniques they use?
Yes! We get three 90 min private training sessions with him each week while he is at school. Plus 4 follow up group lessons, lifetime phone and email support, a kuranda bed, martingale collar, leash, e-collar, grooming and nails done before returning home.


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He is very handsome and sounds like he's made himself at home! How old is he again?
Vet's are guessing between 1 1/2 and 2yrs. Pictures don't really show his size. 28in at the withers and 85lbs. Tall and athletic. American type lines rather than the heavier boned European lines. I suspect he will fill out more.


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Love it. Sounds like you guys will make him blossom!