UDC Anybody going to the United Doberman Nationals


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NY is too far but it was fun to see when I did go several years ago.

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Missing this year, my son graduated from Veterinarian school Friday at K-State University.
Hoping to compete at the fall classic and DVG Nationals this fall though.


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Well today was a very productive day. John Soares is an awesome trainer! Takes his time doesn't yell at you Lol. Learned a lot of other ways to correct some obedience issues in heeling, send out and protection ones as well.
Sorry no pics today. Will try and have someone take them tomorrow.


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Must have been a great time! I would have loved to go just for the John Soares seminar. What's next for you guys?
Arson has his BH at our club. Our club will have trials in the Fall.
Working on our IGP1
But if we're going to do at the Nationals, we need to do the BH (at the Nationals) on one day then the IGP1 next day. Since the 2 organizations don't get along and recognize each other.

Arson had a long day. :rofl: King size bed and he sleeps like its his.

Arson UDC Nationals 2022 Sleeping at the Hotel.jpg
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I got my BH with USCA too. Bummer about them splitting up. I have no dreams of going big, so I'm just going to take my time, have fun at club level. Arson earned a good sleep! Congrats again!